Nate Alder

Nate Alder, Attorney, Christensen & Jensen, P.C., United States

Nate Alder is an in-demand mediator who takes on challenging cases for attorneys and their clients. He has handled some of Utah’s most high-profile disputes as well as cases that have been settled in a few hours. Alder’s range of cases is broad: his law practice has spanned many areas, and he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants throughout his career. A leader in Utah’s mediation community, Nate teaches lawyers, mediators, judges, and clients about dispute resolution. He cofounded the Dispute Resolution Section of the Utah State Bar and later served as its chair. He served on the board of the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution, Inc. for many years, including a time as chair and symposium cochair. In 2008, Alder was invited to join the neutral panel at Utah ADR Services, and he attended Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution to obtain his initial mediator certificate. He was appointed to the Utah State Court Roster of Mediators, eventually being recognized as a master mediator by the court program.