Monica Gardner

Co-Chair, Recruitment

Monica Gardner is a third-year law student at the J. Reuben Clark Law School.  She was a 2013 Student Research Fellow for the International Center for Law and Religion Studies. She spent a six-week internship in Accra, Ghana, and subsequently worked for many months on the Center’s annually updated treatise, Religious Organizations and the Law. Monica grew up outside of Boston in the green hills of Massachusetts. After graduating from high school, she set out to see other parts of the United States. She spent time in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and California, and then finished up her undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University’s sunny Hawaii campus. While there, she studied human interactions and mediation to obtain an Intercultural Peacebuilding Certificate through the David O. McKay Center for Intercultural Understanding. This experience, combined with a bachelor’s degree in English and minor in Theater, seemed to be the perfect preparation for law school. She plans on studying International Law and using her skills to help people throughout the world. When not studying Monica enjoys writing poetry, photography, working out, and singing in the BYU Law School Choir. Monica will served as a member of the Recruitment Team for the Executive Committee of the 2013 International Law and Religion Symposium, and she returns in 2014 as co-chair of the team.