Martin & Allyson Egbert

Martin Egbert was raised in Chicago and is a managing partner of Nevada West Partners, a Las Vegas based multi-family development and managing group. He has been involved in self-storage, single family, and/or multi-family development in California, Chicago, Boston, Texas, Utah and Las Vegas. He received his MBA from BYU. He is also a member of the advisory board of the Ponseti International Association for the Treatment of Congenital Clubfoot at the University of Iowa. Since 1999, the Ponseti method has become the mainstream initial method for children born with congenital clubfoot throughout the world. He has traveled extensively with PIA to promote this effective non surgical method.

Allyson Egbert was born in Sunnyvale, California. She lived for 1 ½ years in France while her father did engineering work for Stanford, and then moved to Utah. She earned her political science degree at BYU while serving as an ASBYU Vice President. She toured several years with the BYU folk dancers before following her husband in his different business ventures throughout the country. Martin and Allyson have six children.