Mac & Christeena Brubaker

Mac Brubaker is President of Tate Brubaker Real Estate and has developed commercial properties in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. He served as the president of the Utah Association of REALTORS. After their last child left home, Mac joined the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team, and has responded to over 240 wilderness rescues. He holds a BES degree from BYU in Civil Engineering (“E” for the five-year Engineering degree). Mac currently serves in a Mid-Single Adult Ward Bishopric.

Christeena Brubaker has written children’s stories and music. She paints, draws, gardens, plays the organ and piano, and enjoys photography. She attended BYU-Hawaii and BYU-Provo, and is a graduate of the Denver School of Floral Design. Christeena and Mac have served senior missions in New Mexico and Guatemala. They are the parents of 8 children and 19 grandchildren.