Lutheran consultation in Colombia discusses leadership challenges

(ENInews)—About 40 representatives of educators and Lutheran churches in Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in Bogota, Colombia, to discuss current efforts, needs, and challenges in the formation of leaders for mission and ministry. The “New Wine-New Wineskins” Consultation, which took place 7-10 August, was sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). It grew out of the need that ELCA companion churches in Latin America and the Caribbean have been expressing for new models of leadership development to shape the kinds of lay and ordained leaders that can carry the mission and ministry of the church forward into the 21st century. Noting that seminaries are becoming more ecumenical, the responsibility of fostering the denominational identity of students is falling to the churches, the Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency reported. [273 words, ENI-12-0472]