Lani Harris – J. Reuben Clark Law School

Due to her father’s career in the military, Lani Harris spent much of her childhood moving throughout Latin America. Lani has dual citizenship with Brazil and considers both it and Miami, where she spent her high school years, to be her home. She enjoys traveling and looks forward to her next trip to visit her parents and enjoy rock climbing in Guatemala. Lani majored in Latin American Studies with a minor in Arabic at Brigham Young University and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic. She and her husband, Alexander Wilson, have a six-month old daughter, Eve. During her undergraduate degree, Lani and Alex spent four months in an intensive Arabic program as a newlywed couple in Egypt where they both hope to live someday. They both interned in Chiapas, Mexico for the Harold B. Lee Library, following which Lani interned with USAID in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The family, when given time to themselves, takes advantage of Utah’s great outdoors with their Husky. Alex and Lani enjoy rock climbing, canyoneering, scuba diving, and snowboarding together.