Julie Jones

Julie Jones,Director, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Freedom of Religion or Belief

Julie Jones is the founder of the charity the FoRB Foundation and is currently working as the director of the All-Party Parlimentary Group (AAPG) for International Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) and the director of the APPG for International Law, Justice, and Accountability (ILJA). The APPG FoRB objectives are to raise awareness among parliamentarians, government, media, and the general public of freedom of religion or belief as a human right. The APPG ILJA objectives are to protect freedom of human rights by raising the issue of justice and accountability in response to FoRB atrocity crimes and other gross human rights violations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Jones has traveled extensively worldwide, taking UK government and parliamentarians to countries that have FoRB and human rights violations. Jones’s background is in interfaith relations; she represented the Interfaith Council for Wales on the Interfaith Network for devolved nations.