Judges of the Court 2012 – 2013

Dean Spielmann, Judge elected on behalf of Luxembourg, assumed his term of office as President on the Court on on 1 November 2012, succeeding Sir Nicolas Bratza of the United Kingdom. Judge Spielmann has been a judge at the Court since 2004, was Section President beginning in 2011, and Vice-President from summer 2012 until he assumed the presidency.

Judge Spielmann holds Bachelor’s Law Degree Catholic University of Louvain (1988) and a Master of Laws from Cambridge University (1990). He has been Barrister and Senior Barrister (Luxembourg), partner in a law firm, University lecturer, member of the Advisory Human Rights Commission, Luxembourg and the European Union Network of Independent Experts in Fundamental Rights, and is full member of the Institut Grand-Ducal.

Josep Casadevall, elected in respect of Andorra in 1996, continues to serve as Vice-President of the Court, a position he has held since November 2011. He is President of Section III.

Guido Raimondi, elected in respect of Italy in May 2010, began service as Vice-President of the Court in November 2012. He is President of Section II.

Ineta Ziemele, elected in respect of Latvia in April 2005, is since September 2012 President of Section IV.

Mark Villiger, elected in respect of Liechtenstein in Septermber 2006, is since November 2012 President of Section V.

Isabelle Berro-Lefèvre, elected in respect of Monaco in June 2006, is since November 2012 President of Section I.


Judges elected 2012-2013

Paul Lemmens – Belgium

Faris Vehabović  – Bosnia and Herzegovina    

Ksenija Turković – Croatia

Aleš Pejchal – Czech Republic

Valeriu Griţco – Republic of Moldova


Johannes Silvis – Netherlands

Krzysztof Wojtyczek – Poland     

Dmitry Dedov – Russia

 Helena Jäderblom – Sweden 

Paul Mahoney – United Kingdom