Jim & Sandy Cook

Jim Cook is the president and co-owner of Calva Products, which manufactures milk replacers and calf-care products. He and his wife, Sandy, live in Lodi, California. They were both widowed, and married in 2005.  Jim and Sandy currently serve as co-chairs of the Knight Society at Brigham Young University, an organization created to recognize the generosity of University donors. They are new members of the IAC Executive Committee.

Sandy Cook had her first horse at age 7 and road by herself all over their rural community. She attended UC Santa Barbara and finished at UCLA in Analytical Biology. Sandy wanted to be a doctor but married the boy next door, a new MD, and she ran his offices as a multi-specialty medical administrator years later. Sandy built the clinics and his eye surgical center. He died and she was a widow in Provo for 14 years.  She and Jim have 10 children between them and 24 grandchildren.