James Egan


Apart from brief stints in Palo Alto and London, James Egan spent most of his childhood in Salt Lake City. He earned honors degrees in both English Literature and Political Science from the University of Utah before enrolling at J. Reuben Clark Law School. His thesis in literature analyzed how faith and freedom are represented in the novels of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, and his thesis in Political Science compared the style and character of public reason in India with public reason in the United States. Before beginning work for the International Center for Law and Religion, James interned with Arent Fox in Washington, DC, where he enjoys nights at some of the nation’s best jazz clubs. He made India his home as both a missionary for the LDS Church in in 2005-2007 and as an intern with a non-profit public health organization in 2009. He returned to New Delhi this past summer to research India’s religious civil laws at Amity University with Prof. Tahir Mahmood, and he spent the end of his summer working at Mindcrest, Inc., a legal process outsourcing company in Pune, India. He has joined the Transportation Team for the 2012 International Law and Religion Symposium.