International Leadership Program Visitors from Canada, 28 January 2011

Four representatives of the International Visitor Leadership Program, Promoting Moderate Voices, a Project for Canada, visited the Center on 28 January 2011. The visitors were in the United States to discuss ways to promote interfaith dialogue and moderate discussion of religious differences; learn how federal, state, and local government agencies counter religious and idealogical extremism and promote diversity; explore best practices in integrating immigrants and Muslim groups into Western society; and meet with government, religious, and non-profit leaders that assist with promoting religious and cultural diversity. The visitors were

Imam Ayman Adel Al-Taher, International Muslim Organization
Dr. Anthony Mansour, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Ecumenism
Mr. Mahdi J. Qasqas, Director and Youth Counselor, Muslim Youth Services
Mr. Omar Siddiqui, Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada, Manitoba Regional Office