International Conference Religious Education in the World Today 2012

An International Conference, “Religious Education in the World Today”, was held 5 December 2012 at the Institute of St. Stanislava, Hall Matija Tomc, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Speakers of different religions from ten countries on four continents presented the situation in their countries and the problems faced.

Featured at the conference was the recently published Routledge International Handbook of Religious Education, edited by Derek Davis and Elena Miroshnikova, who were in attendance, along with W. Cole Durham, Jr., who wrote the Foreword to the book.

In a globalized world where people of all nations are closely connected and are confronted with one another’s cultures and civilizations, the abilitiy of people of differing religions to communicated is as important as knowledge of the languages in which we speak. And in this context, according to conference participants, it is essential to talk about the situation of religious instruction in schools, as interest in religion is growing and not disappearing in the world, and countries are constantly looking for ways to update and improve teaching and pedagogical approaches, to prepare young people for life in the the 21st century.