International Church-State Symposium 1994

BYU Law Review Volume 1995, No. 2

Presentations from the 1994 International Church-State Symposium published in this issue are available for individual download:


  • Religious Liberty and the Ukrainian State: Nationalism Versus Equal Protection, Howard L. Biddulph
  • The Current Legal Status of Christianity in China, R. Lanier Britsch
  • The Church-State Situation in Poland After the Collapse of Communism, Krystyna Daniel
  • The Emerging Pattern of Church and State in Western Europe: The Italian Model, Silvio Ferrari
  • Associational Structures of Religious Organizations, Patty Gerstenblith
  • The Constitution and Sikhs in Britain, Satvinder S. Juss
  • The Spanish System of Church and State, Gloria M. Moran
  • Freedom of Religion in the Netherlands, Sophie C. van Bijsterveld


  • Is the Lutheran Church Still the State Church? An Analysis of Church-State Relations in Finland, Elizabeth Christensen
  • The Future of Religious Liberty in Argentina: Will a New Constitutional Mandate and Would Newly Proposed Laws Enhance Religious Liberty?, David E. Doxey and Scott S. Thomas
  • Kenya: The Struggle to Create a Democracy, Lindsey Gustafson
  • Zaire: The Positive Role of Religion in Nation Building, James N. MacKinlay
  • A Widow’s Might: Nakaya v. Japan and Japan’s Current State of Religious Freedom, Eric N. Weeks