Student Management Board 2018-2019

The International Center for Law and Religion Studies is pleased to announce the Student Management Board for 2018-2019. Members of the board are chosen based on their interest in law and religion and their skills in writing, research, editing, and languages. Throughout the school year Board Members participate in research, writing and editing projects, conferences, and other assignments with the Center. The 2018-2019 Board Members are continuing members  Shaun Belliston, Andrew BirkinshaMelissa Hartman, Kyle Harvey, Justin Miller, Malea Moody, Jox Moxon, Sara PlaterShelise Rupp, and Taylor Shaw, and new members Abdullah Hassan, Austin Atkinson, Erin Cranor, Miranda Cherkas, Diana Flores, Fabiana Lauf, Madison Moss, Rachel Whipple, and Kyra Woods, along with LLM student from Brazil, Tiago Camargo.