ICLRS 2021 Student Service Awards

At the conclusion of each academic school year, the International Center for Law and Religion Studies recognizes graduating BYU Law students who have contributed service to the Center throughout law school. The Center is pleased to award Rhett Hunt, Andrew Navarro, and McKenna Rammell the Center’s Outstanding Service Award.

The Center is also pleased to award the Meritorious Service Award to Mackenzie Cannon, Joseph Castro, Summer Crockett, Christopher Fore, John Geilman, Kai’anui Graham, Kristie Lam, Ben Marsden, Will Morrison, Daniela Payne, Kody Richardson, and April Tansiongco, and Chery Yang.

Students were selected for their dedicated service to the Center and the cause of religious freedom. Students have served in various capacities with the Center, including as Summer Research Fellows, as Student Management Board members, and as Symposium Student Executive Committee members. Some have also assisted in the organization of and attended foreign conferences. 

Many students began their involvement with the Center as 1Ls. Summer Crockett, who served as a Summer Research Fellow in Hong Kong after her first year of law school, said she chose to stay involved with the Center because she believes in its mission. “I wanted to do what I could to be a part of this incredible organization in any small way I could.”

Fellow student Christopher Fore first got involved with the Center because of his firm belief that all beliefs should be respected, no matter how much they differ from one’s own. “The key to that respect is learning about other religions and promoting interfaith collaboration,” he said.

For Rhett Hunt, volunteering with the Center taught an important lesson: “I’ve learned that you don’t need to do big, life-changing things in order to have a positive impact on the world,” he said. “Small and simple things can have incredibly far-reaching effects.”

Andrew Navarro has been grateful that his participation with the Center has allowed him to interact with the Center’s directors. “I’ve learned more about how to analyze the law by applying it and theorizing on the subject,” he said. “All the professors have deep and profound thoughts on religion and they have been mentors, advisors, and leaders.”

McKenna Rammell said her favorite experience of being involved with the Center was saying goodbye to delegates of the 2019 Annual International Law and Religion Symposium. As the delegates departed, several stopped to graciously thank Rammell and her fellow Symposium Student Executive Committee members. Some delegates gave hugs, and others shared their cards and asked to keep in touch. “For me, that farewell illustrated the immense good the Center spreads throughout the world,” she said. “It also illustrated the growing community of leaders and influencers dedicated to religious freedom and human dignity.”

The Center is grateful to all of these students and wishes them well as they begin their professional endeavors.