Holocaust Event in São Paulo

On the 20th of September 2012 at São Paulo’s Municipal Hall, the Order of Lawyers of Brazil held an event on the Holocaust entitled:  Genocide, Holocaust: The Decadence and Shame of Civilization. Foremost authorities on the subject from the USA and Brazil presented along with an incredible exposition of Holocaust art.
The inauguration in December 2012 of the Shoa Institute of Human Rights at the Jardim Paulista in S
ão Paulo was discussed.  It will display documents on the Holocaust, Nazism and Anti-Semitism in Brazil.
Professor Maria Luiza Tucci Carneiro of the University of São Paulo discoursed on how, at the beginning of the last century, murder was sponsored by a Nazi State and gave specific warning about genocides that are still embryonic. The Chairman of the Commission on Rights and Religious Liberty OAB-SP, Damaris Dias Moura Kuo, called specific attention to the violence occurring today to which people are subject due to their choice of a belief. At 88, Ben Abraham, a concentration camp survivor, is still engaged in denouncing totalitarian regimes.