Gary Doxey, Scott Isaacson, and Denise Lindberg attend Annual Colloquium of the Latin American Consortium for Religious Liberty

Associate Director Gary Doxey and Senior Fellows Scott Isaacson and Denise Lindberg attended the annual colloquium of the Latin American Consortium for Religious Liberty in Montevideo, Uruguay. The colloquium, held the 6-9 of September 2017, focused on laicidad, the Latin American version of separation of church and state. The Center was a principal sponsor of the event, which took place in the chambers of Uruguay’s national Senate as well as at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay, the country’s most prestigious institution of higher education. 

The colloquium drew scholars from around Latin America. The Latin American Consortium has for many years been a significant source of expertise and influential connections for the Center. The cardinal archbishop of Montevideo, the top Catholic leader in Uruguay, attended part of the colloquium.

ICLRS Senior Fellow Denise Lindberg was inducted into the Latin American Consortium as a full voting member, representing Cuba, the country of her birth.