Gary Doxey participates in the World Congress of Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue in Buenos Aires, 12-14 April 2016

Buenos Aires, Argentina, was the host city for the World Congress of Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue’s conference ‘A Path Towards Peace’ on 12-14 April 2016. The conference featured speakers from all over Latin America and the world.  

The goals of the conference included encouraging dialogue and harmony among the various sectors of society, proposing concrete actions promoting peace through diversity, motivating young people to become actors of a culture of peace, prioritizing peace building issues as a part of public, political, and media agendas, and encouraging social, political, and community leaders to build a path to peace, among others.

Professor Gary Doxey moderated a panel on Religion, Education, and Technology which featured a diverse panel of speakers from various religious traditions. Panelists included Mons. Martin Eduardo, Archbishop of Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Dr. Sumer Noufouri, President of the Institute for Peace Islam, Dr. Jose Lujan, Chinese Academy of Sciences – Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Jose Luis Gerlero, General, Leo XIII Salesian House, and Claudia Ortiz Calciano, Congresswoman, Buenos Aires.

Professor Doxey also participated as a panelist in a session titled Work, Development, and Growth as a Source of Peace. The session was moderated by Dr. Jorge A. Bazán Pracias Colombres, an attorney with Studio Carrizo Carricarte & Bazan. Panelists participating with Professor Doxey included Dr. Adelmo Gabbi, President of the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires, Dr. Luis Miguel Etchevehere, President of the Rural Society Argentina, Dr. Facundo Moyano, National Deputy for the Province of Buenos Aires, and Mr. Alberto Barra, Deputy UATRE representing the Secretary General of UATRE Momo Gerónimo Vanegas.