Gary Doxey at Dialogue on Ethics and Economics in Buenos Aires, 2-3 November 2017

Associate Director Gary Doxey presented at a conference, Dialogue on Ethics and Economics, in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 2-3 of November 2017. Professor Doxey, along with Juan Navarro Floria, a professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica in Buenos Aires, and a member of the Academic Advisory Board for the International Center for Law and Religion Studies, spoke in the fourth plenary session titled “Sustainable Development: The Interconfessional Alliance and The G20 Interfaith Group.” The two addressed the history of the G20 Interfaith Summit. Other panelists were Gabriela Agosto, Head of the National Cabinet, Pbro. Francisco Hernández, SELACC, and Humberto Shikiya, CREAS.