Gage Zobell

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Gage Hart Zobell is honored for the opportunity to work with the Church area legal counsel in Guatemala City, Guatemala. A native of Jackson, MT, Gage was raised on his family’s cattle ranch in rural Montana. He served in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission where he was required to learn Spanish halfway through his mission, for a new assignment. Gage returned and graduated magna cum laude in Economics from BYU-Idaho. He will present his research on agricultural collusion this summer in Shanghai, China. After working for Intel doing market research for prototype engineering, he is excited to be at law school. He is interested where corporate law and environmental law merge. Further, he is excited to be going to Central America as the first member of his family to return since his “abuelita” left Nicaragua in 1940. Gage loves politics, running, hiking, skiing, classic literature, and anything to do with Montana and ranching.