From and About the Court and the Convention

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January 2014. Annual Report 2013.

24 May 2013. Protocol No. 15 amending the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

22 May 2013. Court launches new website.

March 2013.  New and updated case-law factsheets.

January 2013. Annual Report 2012.

6 December 2012. Translation of the Court’s information materials into more than 40 languages.

27 September 2012.  VIDEOS: Using the new HUDOC search engine.

19 July 2012.  Documentary: The European Court of Human Rights (Itineris on TV5 Monde [in French, English subtitles]; version française)

27 June 2012. New version of HUDOC search engine launched (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog). [Online HUDOC User Manual (English).]

26 April 2012. Thematic factsheets on the Court’s case-law now available in German and Russian. (Court Press Release)

12 April 2012. Execution of Strasbourg Court judgments: considerable progress but concern about major structural problems. (COE Web Portal)

9 March 2012. In brief – European Convention of Human Rights. (COE Web Portal)

9 February 2012. “Conscience of the Court”: Video about the ECtHR.

27 January 2012. Court releases a new video on admissibility conditions for cases coming before it.

26 January 2012. Annual Report 2011.

26 January 2012. 2011 Facts and Figures. 

9 January 2012. New book on Court after Protocol 14. (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

4 November 2011. Sir Nicholas Bratza takes office as President of the Court. Casadevall and Garlicki begin terms as Vice-President and Section President, Potocki begins term as judge.

1 November 2011. Court publishes factsheets offering information by State and by theme. 

24 October 2011. Article 9: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, a toolkit.  (Justice: Student Human Rights Network)

20 October 2011. Country profiles on the Court’s website. (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

14 October 2011.  More administrative autonomy for the Court. (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

12 September 2011. European Court of Human Rights elects Vice-President (Josep Casadevall, Andorra) and Section President (Lech Garlicki, Poland)

25 August 2011.  ECHR articles in the newest HRLR.  (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

23 August 2011.  Summer Harvest of (ECHR/ECtHR) Academic Articles. (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

16 August 2011. Court issues new instructions and statistics on Interim Measures.  (See report of Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

5 July 2011.  COE site: The European Convention in Brief, featuring a simplified version of the Convention, with quick links to reference materials and to aspects of the European Court of Human Rights.

22 June 2011.  New judge (André Potocki) elected in respect of France.

2 May 2011. Report: The Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights: The View from the Ground, presented in Strasbourg. Research by Basak Çali, Anne Koch and Nicola Bruch of University College London. Five countries studied: the United Kingdom, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany and Ireland. [Project Website]

26-27 April 2011. High-level Conference on the Future of the European Court of Human Rights, Izmir [Programme] [Final declaration]

19 April 2011. Committee of Ministers Annual Report 2010 on the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.  [Report]  [Website of the Department of Execution of Judgments]

12 April 2011. New judges elected in respect of Norway (Erik Møse) and Switzerland (Helen Keller).

6 April 2011. Court’s electronic fact-sheets for 2011.

1 April 2011. Rules of Court.

1 April 2011. Article 61 – Pilot Judgment Procedure.

24 March 2011.  Court introduces new rule concerning handling of systemic and structural human rights violations in Europe [codifying the Court’s “pilot-judgment procedure”]. Related publications: Musterprozesse vor dem Europäischen Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte (Eschment);  Responding to Systemic Human Rights Violations (Leach et al.); The Pilot Judgment Procedure at the European Court of Human Rights: Possibilities and Challenges (Buyse).

23 March 2011.  Court has produced the online handbook, The ECHR in 50 Questions (Provisional Edition December 2010).

23 March 2011.  European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) releases report Access to justice in Europe: an overview of challenges and opportunities.

21 March 2011.  The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and the European Court of Human Rights launch Handbook on European non-discrimination law.

18 March 2011.  Freedom of Religion Fact Sheet: Cases before the Court.

15 February 2011.   Faced with an “alarming rise” in requests for Interim Measures, Court President Jean-Paul Costa issues a Statement concerning Rule 39. 

10 February 2011.   Overview of ECHR (Convention) articles in Journals.

3 February 2011.  Meet Judge Nussberger.

28 January 2011.  Court opens its judicial year, with participation of some 200 leading judicial figures from across Europe in the seminar, “What are the limits to the evolutive interpretation of the Convention?”

27 January 2011.  Court holds annual press conference, presents annual report, including 2010 statistics, summary of activities, overview of reforms. President Costa makes public the first joint declaration of the Presidents of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning the European Union’s forthcoming accession to the European Convention on Human Rights.

26 January 2011.  Parliamentary assembly elects new Court judge, Sérgio Pinto de Albuquerque, in respect of Portugal.

24 January 2011.  Court to launch the book The Conscience of Europe: 50 Years of the European Court of Human Rights at the opening of the judicial year.

1 January 2011.  Aperçu de la jurisprudence de la Cour en matière de liberté de religion.