Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Conscience, and Right of Association: International and Russian Experience in Implementation

This conference, held in Ekaterinburg, Russia on April 3-6, 2008, commemorated the 60th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Professor W. Cole Durham, Jr., gave a presentation entitled Freedom of Religion or Belief: Practical Implementation of International Norms. Professor John Young, ICLRS fellow and Regional Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe, presented on the topic of Rapture or Rupture? Religion and Civil Society.


  • Expert Council of the Human Rights Omudsman
    in the Russian Federation
  • Human Rights Ombudsman of the Sverdlovsk Region
  • “Znanie” Society of Russia


  • International Center for Law and Religion Studies
  • Eurasia Department of the International Association of Religion Freedom
  • Center for the Study of Religion, Russian State Humanities University
  • Association of Researchers of Religion

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