Freedom of Religion or Belief: U.S. News and Opinions – Headlines

3 April 2012. Morning Bell: Obama slaps Supreme Court over Obamacare. (Mike Brownfield, The Foundry)

3 April 2012. My spirit is American (a religious manifesto) — OpEd. (Mondoweiss, Eurasia Review)

3 April 2012. Seven states file suit against Obama administration’s contraception mandate. (Loren Heal, Heartlander)

2 April 2012. Why sign the Manhattan Declaration? (Manhattan

2 April 2012. Kudos to USCCB [re: Arizona immigration law]. (Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter

2 April 2012. On school choice, Jews can have their Lekach and eat it, too. (Andrew J. Colson, Cato@Liberty)

2 April 2012. New Baltimore archbishop prepares to take on controversial issues. (Mary Bubala, CBS Baltimore)

2 April 2012. Will the Obamacare decision influence the HHS mandate? (Mark Rienzi, National Review Online)

2 April 2012. Candidates’ religious appeals may be losing sway with voters. (Dave Nyczepir, Southern Maryland Online)

1 April 2012. Anti-bias policies drive some religious groups off campuses. (Bob Smietana, USA Today)

1 April 2012. Concert at U.S. military post geared toward atheists. (USA Today)

1 April 2012. Missouri judge upholds prayer ballot summary. (Associate Press via OneNewsNow)

31 March 2012. islamist group break pledge to stay out of race in Egypt. (David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times)

31 March 2012. Amid global suspicion and mayhem, a route to religious understanding. (Douglas Todd, The Vancouver Sun)

31 March 2012. Pennsylvania bishop urges prayers, fasting for religious liberty. (Ann Rodgers, Pittsburg Post-Gazette)

30 March 2012. New indictment adds four women to Amish beard-cutting case. (Brian Bowling, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

30 March 2012. Mother faces contempt, jail for baptizing children. (Associate Press via Fox

30 March 2012. ACLU’s dishonest report. (David A. Lehrer, Jewish

30 March 2012. USCIRF religious freedom panel adds members. (Baptist Press)

30 March 2012. Alabama’s stand for religious liberty. (Luther Strange, National Review Online)

29 March 2012. An Islamic perspective on religious pluralism. (Engy Abdelkader, Huff Post Religion)

29 March 2012. Why religious liberty is important for institutions. (Culture Watch, The Heritage Foundation)

29 March 2012. IRD hails new appointments to global religious freedom watchdog. (Jeff Walton, Institute on Religion and Democracy)

29 March 2012. Faith, Freedom, and the First Amendment: The guarantee of religious liberty. (Thomas Berg, The Heritage Foundation)

29 March 2012. Arizona immigration law threatens religious liberty, USCCB argues in court brief. (Catholic

28 March 2012. North Dakota religious liberty measure a reaction to 1990 ruling. (Stephen J. Lee, Grand Forks Herald)

28 March 2012. “Religious liberty” argument doesn’t win over Arizona lawmakers. (Scott Alessi, U.S. Catholic)

28 March 2012. Religious freedom and the health-care law. (Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online)

28 March 2012. Baptist leader says NC crucial in marriage debate. (Tom Breen Myrtle Beach Online)

28 March 2012. The politics of religious freedom: Religious freedom between truth and tactic. (Samuel Moyn, The Immanent Frame: Secularism, religion, and the public sphere)

28 March 2012. School voucher law ruled unconstitutional by Tulsa district judge. (Kim Archer, Tulsa World)

27 March 2012. Archibishop Chaput writes new eBook on religious liberty. (EWTN News)

27 March 2012. New York bishop speaks out on religious liberty in a pluralistic society. (Rt. Rev. Mark S. Sisk, Episcopal News Service)

27 March 2012. Religious liberty vs. road safety: Ky. bill on slow-moving Amish buggies wins final passage. (Associated Press, The Washington Post On Faith)

26 March 2012. Two USCIRF Commissioners appointed. (USCIRF Press Release)

26 March 2012. Religion and the 2012 Louisiana Republican primary. (The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life)

26 March 2012. Why religious liberty is important for institutions. (Ryan Messmore, The Foundry)

26 March 2012. The Constitution vs. Obamacare. (Editorial, National Review Online)

26 March 2012. Can religious freedom be saved? (An online symposium). (National Review Online)

26 March 2012. Obamacare comes before the Supreme Court. (Mike Brownfield, The Foundry)

26 March 2012. Anchorage Prop. 5 religious liberty concerns are real. (Austin Nimocks,

25 March 2012. International religious-freedom efforts split on policies and structures. Part 2: U.S. policy responses since 1998 include a contentious governmental structure and strategic divisions among religious religious liberty advocates. (Eric Schulzke, Desesret News)

24 March 2012. Religious freedom as a core human right: A three-sided, global debate. Part 1: The current problems and competing values at home and abroad that make effective action difficult. (Eric Schulzke, Desesret News)

24 March 2012. Birth control actually is about religious liberty. (Joan Allmendinger, Opinion,

24 March 2012. ‘Religious Freedom’ rally sets stage for 1st Amendmen collision. (Sarah Posner, Religion Dispatches)

24 March 2012. Thousands rally for religious freedom, against Obama’s birth control mandate. (Alex Murashko, Christian Post)

24 March 2012. Richard Dawkins to atheist rally: ‘Show contempt’ for faith. (Cathy Lynn Grossman, Faith & Reason)

24 March 2012. Religious freedom rally draws a crowd in San Francisco. (Sandy Kleffman, Mercury News) [Orlando]

24 March 2012. Unprecedented media coverage for 3/23 rallies. (Matt Yonke, Stand Up for  Religious Freedom)

24 March 2012. Liberty Counsel to represent anti-gay activist in Uganda lawsuit. (Tom Hymes, AVN)

23 March 2012. ACLJ: Protecting religious freedom here and abroad. (Tiffany Barrans, ACLJ)

23 March 2012. The war on religion does not exist. (Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, President, Interfaith Alliance, Huff Post Religion)

22 March 2012. Press release regarding the Annual Report of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). (Consulate General of Turkey)

22 March 2012. Alabama joins Becket Fund fight against unconstitutional HHS mandate. (Emily Hardman, The Becket Fund)

22 March 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

22 March 2012. HuffJummah: ‘The People of America’: A religious sermon. (Wajahat Ali, Huff Post Religion)

22 March 2012. Becket Fund sponsors Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies in more than 100 U.S. cities on March 23. (Becket Fund Press Release)

21 March 2012. US concerned over religious freedom in Russia. (IANS/RIA Novosti)

21 March 2012. More see “too much” religious talk by politicians. (Pew Forum Poll)

21 March 2012. US panel on religious freedom reports Cuban violations. (Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald)

21 March 2012. US religion panel puts India on Watch List, cites slow justice. (Dibin Samuel, Christian Today India)

20 March 2012. The world’s worst religious persecutors. (Nina Shea, National Review Online)

20 March 2012. United States Commission on International Religious Freedom issues 2012 Annual Report.

20 March 2012. University: Classes no longer cancelled for Christian, Jewish holidays. (Todd Starnes, Fox Radio News)

20 March 2012. U.S. bishops launch religious liberty prayer campaign. (WTN News/CNA)

20 March 2012. Future or religious liberty at Supreme Court is cloudy—for now. (Ken Klukowski, The Washington Examiner)

March 2012 Issue of First ThingsIn Defense of Religious Freedom: A Statement by Evangelicals and Catholics Together.

19 March 2012. Why religious freedom? (Library of Law and Liberty)

19 March 2012. Supreme Court rejects Chrisitan campus groups’ appeal of discrimination policy [Alpha Delta Chi-Delta Chapter v. Reed]. (Fox News)

19 March 2012. Fourth-circuit oral arguments in landmark religious liberty in education case, Moss v. Spartanburg County School District. (Emily Hardman, The Becket Fund)

19 March 2012. U.S. report crticizes Turkey for serious limitations on religious freedom. (Desmond Butler, Associated Press)

18 March 2012. North American Tribe gets rare permit to kill bald eagles. (Ben Neary, Associated Press via Care2)

18 March 2012. The Americanization of Turkey. (Dimitar Bechev, Open Democracy)

18 March 2012. ‘Destroy all the churches’: Saudi Arabia’s poor treatment of Chrisitans. (Elliott Abrams, The Atlantic)

17 March 2012. American civil religion, religious liberty, Interposition, and the Mormons. (Lee Trepanier and Lynita K. Newswander, American Creation) [See full article on Anamnesis]

16 March 2012. Letter: Let’s ask the right questions regarding religious freedom issues. (Richard Evans, TC Palm)

16 March 2012. Administration ‘Taking another Mulligan,’ fails for the fourth time to protect religious liberty. (Becket Fund Press Release)

16 March 2012. Anti-conscience mandate hurts good Samaritan groups. (Culture Watch, The Heritage Foundation)

16 March 2012. In GOP race, voters divided over religion’s place in politics. (Sandhya Somashekhar and Peyton N. Craighill, The Washington Post)

16 March 2012. Government siding with Mt. Soledad memorial. (Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow) [Supreme Court Petition]

15 March 2012. U.S. Justice Department supports Mississippi church seeking to operate in Holly Springs Town Square. (PR Newswire)

15 March 2012.  Survey | Majority of Americans do not believe religious liberty is under attack. (March PRRI/RNS Religion News Survey)

15 March 2012. Poll: Catholics don’t see contraception mandate as threat to religious freedom. (Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service)

15 March 2012. Threat to religious liberty topic of March 15 forum at Vanderbilt University. (Jim Patterson, My VU)

15 March 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

14 March 2012. Amish beard-cutters to challenge constitutionality of fedearl hate crime law. (The Associated Press via New York Daily News)

11 March 2012. Religion vs. regulation: Indiana’s faith-based day cares caught in between. (John Tuohy, Indiana Star)

10 March 2012. Broken hands, broken hearts: An historical and legal perspective on the Jesus statue controversy. (Tom Muir, The Daily Inter Lake)

10 March 2012. Becket Fund lawsuit against Obama birth control mandate signals culture wars jump. (Jon Ward, Huffington Post)

9 March 2012. God values religious freedom — Do we?  (Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register)

9 March 2012. Banks foreclosing on churches in record numbers. (Tim Reid, Reuters via Worldwide Religion News)

9 March 2012. Vietnam slams US Human Rights Act. (VietNamNet Bridge)

9 March 2012. Why claims of conscience matter: Government can and should find a way to provide service while simultaneously upholding religious liberty. (Charles Haynes,

8 March 2012. Oregon library bans Orlando-based Liberty Counsel. (World News Service via Florida Baptist Witness)

8 March 2012. In secular Britain, a clash over public prayer. (Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post)

7 March 2012. US committee passes bill on Vietnam rights. (AFP)

7 March 2012.  Birth control debate: new Hampshire lawmakers pass repeal of contraception coverage. (John Celock, Huff Post Politics)

7 March 2012. Oppulent Life Church continues fight against religious discrimination. (PR Newswire, via The Wall Street Journal Market Watch)

7 March 2012. National Association of Insurance Commissioners approves AG 88, ORSA Guide; shoots down religious liberties. (Jeff Jeffrey,

7 March 2012. Domestic concerns get a hearing at forum on world religious liberty. (The Georgia Bulletin)

7 March 2012. Adoption: Virginia legislature defends religious liberty. (

6 March 2012. The changing American pluralism. (Jason Schulman, The Emory Wheel)

5 March 2012. First of Freedoms? How religious liberty could become a second-class right. (Mary Ann Glendon, America)

3 March 2012. Religious liberties and moral ambiguities – the cases of contraception and war resistance. (William Grassie, Huffington Post)

3 March 2012. Evangelical right beguiled by Santorum’s religious credentials. (Lara Marlow, The Irish Times)

2 March 2012. Jewish columnist calls LDS proxy baptism ‘eccentric, not offensive.’ (Joesph Walker, Deseret News)

2 March 2012. Lawsuit filed against Seaside Library [Oregon]: Library policy prohibits ‘religious services’; group claims discrimination. (Nancy McCarthy, The Daily Astorian)

1 March 2012. Same-sex marriage sets up a defining year for Maryland politics. (Aaron C. Davis, The Washington Post)

1 March 2012.  Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

1 March 2012. Birth control exemption bill, the ‘Blunt amendment,’ killed in Senate. (N. C. Aizenman and Rosalind Helderman, The Washington Post)

1 March 2012. Morning Bell: Two centuries of religious freedom rolled back. (Mike Brownfield, The Heritage Foundation)

1 March 2012. National rallies seek religious freedom restoration on March 23. (Catholic News Agency)

29 February 2012. Reinforcing the church-state wall. (Jim Burkee, The Los Angeles Times)

29 February 2012. Priest fired over Mass prayers fights to keep his job. (Tim Townsend, Religion News Service via The Washington Post)

29 Feburary 2012. Race, folklore and Mormon doctrine. (Nathan B. Oman, Deseret News)

28 February 2012. Judge: Insulting Islam grounds for beating. (Chad Groening and Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow)

27 February 2012. LDS Church among 18 churches added to Hungarian recognition list. (Joseph Walker, Deseret News)

26 February 2012. Religious liberty and practicing religious toleration. (Kristine Frederickson, for the Deseret News)

25 February 2012. Liveblogging the Religious Legal Theory Conference: International & Comparative Perspectives, Part 2, (Mark L. Movsesian, CLR Forum)

25 February 2012. Mormons and Methodists meet to consider simularities, compare cultures, theology, music. (Blair Dee Hodges, Deseret News)

24 February 2012. Muslim students struggle to practice faith in U.S. schools, seek accommodation for religion. (Mercedes White, Deseret News)

24 February 2012. Liveblogging the Religious Legal Theory Conference — International and Comparative Perspectives, Panel 1. (Marc O. DeGirolami, CLR Forum)

23 February 2012. Religion in the News: Islam and politics dominate religion coverage in 2011. (Pew Forum Report)

23 February 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

23 February 2012. Faith and reason. (James Faulconer, Pantheos)

23 February 2012. Maryland Senate passes same-sex marriage bill. (Aaron C. Davis, The Washington Post)

23 February 2012. Obama’s defense of religion. (Steve Chapman, Real Clear Politics)

22 February 2012. Important victory for religious liberty in Washington State.  (Ed Whelan, National Review Online)

22 February 2012. Court strikes down law requiring pharmacies to dispense morning-after pill. (The Becket Fund) [Stormans v. Selecky opinion]

22 February 2012. Morning Bell: Religious liberty under attack. (Mike Brownfield, The Foundry)

21 February 2012. Interfaith coalition urges candidates to eschew religious division. (Jewish Theological Seminary, Jewish

21 February 2012. The phony war on religion. (Tom Ehrich, The Washington Post)

21 February 2012. Not all proponents of religious liberty sincere. (Jerry Moore, My Suburban

20 February 2012. Uncle Sam is no Imam. (Samuel J. Rscoff, The New York Times Op Ed)

19 February 2012. Religious liberty? Obama administration abandons an American tradition. (John Garvey, Chicago Tribune)

18 February 2012. Feds seek dismissal of Belmont Abbey College’s anti-HHS suit. (Kevin J. Jones, Catholic News Agency)

18 February 2012. Responding to – and explaining – LDS baptisms for the dead. (Joseph Walker, Deseret News)

18 February 2012. Gay marriage advances in Maryland, vetoed in New Jersey. (Alice Popvici, Reuters)

17 February 2012. Hearing examines contraceptive mandate’s impact on religious liberty. (The Georgia Bulletin)

17 February 2012. Religious liberty and conscience rights: A caution. (Dr. Jeff Mirus,

17 February 2012. Mindful of history, Mormon Church reaches out to minorities. (Hamil R. Harris, The Washington Post)

17 February 2012. Religious liberty vs. reproductive liberty: A new political minefield pits women against the church. (Lauren Brown Jarvis, Huff Post Politics)

17 February 2012. Caring for creation: Faith groups have a role in environmental causes. (Amy Choate-Nielsen, Deseret News)

16 February 2012. Kalanges, “Religious Liberty in Western and Islamic Law.” (Yosefa A. Heber, CLR Forum)

16 February 2012. Mt. Soledad cross again at crux of court debate. (Mariko Lamb, San Diego Community News)

16 February 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

15 February 2012. Effort to reverse Washington state ‘gay marriage’ law begins. (Catholic News Agency)

15 February 2012. Talking to China about religious freedom. (Editorial Board, The Washington Post)

15 February 2012. China snubs U.S. religious-freedom envoy. (UPI via Worldwide Religious News)

15 February 2012. Vanderbilt University mounts assault on religious liberty. (Russ Jones, Christian Press via

15 February 2012. California graduate university takes academic approach to Mormonism. (Rachel Brutsch, Deseret News)

14 February 2012. “Under God” in Pledge questioned under Massachusetts state constitution. (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

14 February 2012. Chinese blocked visit by U.S. religious freedom envoy, advocates say. (William Wan and Michelle Boorstein, The Washington Post)

14 February 2012. Xi Jinping in the United States, stability above all. (

14 February 2012. Kansas religious freedom bill evokes contrary views. (Tim Carpenter,

13 February 2012. US Supreme Court and ECtHR judges will meet in Washington, DC. (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

13 February 2012. Respecting gay rights and religious liberties. (

12 February 2012. Amish man’s letters sway lawmakers on buggy issue. (Roger Alford, Associated Press via My San Antonio)

12 February 2012. Colliding causes: Gay rights and religious liberty. (Sara Israelsen-Hartley, Deseret News)

11 February 2012. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church interfaith movement: Missouri church engages other religious traditions. (Tim Townsend, St. Louis Post-Dispatch via Huffpost Religion)

10 February 2012. Zen Buddhist and the art of accepting change. (Rev. Zesho Susan O’Connell, Huffpost Religion)

10 February 2012. Short take: A question of liberty. (Jill Burcum, Star Tribune)

9 February 2012. Judge slams critics of Texas school prayer ruling. (Paul J. Weber, AP via World Magazine)

9 February 2012. Washington state lawmakers pass gay marriage bill. (USA Today)

9 February 2012. Freedom of religion is not a right-wing thing. (Nathalie Rothschild, Spiked)

8 February 2012. Michigan court to weigh use of religious confessions. (David Ashenfelter, Detroit Free Press)

8 February 2012. On both sides of the Atlantic, faceless bureaucrats are assailing religious freedom. (Iain Murray, Mail Online)

8 February 2012. Berkley Center February Newsletter.

8 February 2012. Case in Britain echos dilemma at Guantanamo. (Dina Temple-Raston, New Hampshire News)

8 February 2012. What ‘secular’ really means. (J. Brent Walker, Baptist Joint Committee)

7 February 2012. Prop. 8: Gay-marriage ban unconstitutional, court rules. (Los Angeles Times)

6 February 2012. The fallout from Christian Legal Society. (Robert Shibley, National Review Online)

6 February 2012. Eloquence in defense of liberty [in Ward v. Wilbanks]. (Mike Adams,

3 February 2012. Atheism in America. (Julian Baggini, Financial Times Magazine)

3 February 2012. European Human Rights Court rules clergy have a right to unionize. (Mark L. Moveisan, CLR Forum)

2 February 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

2 February 2012. Board takes nonsectarian route. (Wesley Young, Winston-Salem Journal)

2 February 2012. Vanderbilt University’s assault on religious liberty. (David French, National Review Online)

2 February 2012. U.S. Supreme Court and ECtHR: Conflicts between religious autonomy and other fundamental rights. (Lourdes Peroni, Strasbourg Observer)

2 February 2012. Another front on religious liberty fight. (Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter)

1 Feburary 2012. Appellate court sends Ward v. Wilbanks [EMU counseling case] back to district court [fro trial rather than summary judgment]. (Counseling Today)

1 February 2012. Ward case gets reinstated. (Kody Klein, The Eastern Echo)

1 February 2012. Gay marriage critics, supporters argue religious liberties, equal rights at hearing. (Associated Press viaThe Washington Post)

1 February 2012. Ruling in favour of religious freedom in parallel US case. (Christian Concern [UK])

31 January 2012. Victory: Jesus statue remains because ACLJ members spoke out. (CeCe Heil,

30 January 2012. Becket Fund Health and Human Services contraception mandate services. (Becket Fund)

30 January 2012.  Douhat and Levin on religious liberty and community. (John Presnall, First Things)

30 January 2012. Religious liberty and civil society. (Yuval Levin, National Review Online)

28 January 2012. Compaigning for candidates from the pulpit is a bad idea. (Michael Peabody, Religious Liberty.TV)

27 January 2012. On religious freedom, years of battles ahead. (David Skeel, The Wall Street Journal)

27 January 2012. Sixth Circuit: Counseling student cannot be expelled for religious views. (The Becket Fund press release)

27 January 2012. Maryland: O’Malley’s same-sex marriage bill to provide more religious protections. (Tom McParland, Capital News Service via Kensington Patch)

27 January 2012. Archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky: religious liberty at foundation of USA. (Vatican Radio)

26 January 2012. Vann and Farrell: Obama administration attacks Catholic religious conscience. (Kevin Vann and Kevin Farrell, Star-Telegram)

26 January 2012. Archbishop Gregory Aymond calls health coverage mandate a threat to conscience for Catholics. (Bruce Nolan, The Times-Pacayune)

26 January 2012. New foreign policy on gay rights seen as threat to religious liberty. (Christine Williams, Catholic News Service)

25 January 2012. Christianity and incivility don’t mix, Forum speaker tells BYU audience. (BYU News Release)

25 January 2012. Federal birth control ruling upsets religions groups. (Andrea K. Walker and Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun)

25 January 2012. Catholics blast rule on contraception. (Louise Radnofsky, The Wall Street Journal)

25 January 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

23 January 2012. Role of religion in U.S. foreign policy. (Interview with Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook and Dr. Chris Seiple, by Cheryl Benton, Conversations with America, U.S. State Department) [webcast]

21 January 2012. Obama’s HHS honors “religious liberty” … until next year. (Joel McDurmon, American Vision News)

21 January 2012. Suing Sebelius. (Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online)

20 Januarty 2012. Obama administration refuses to change abortion-drug mandate. (Becket Fund Press Release)

20 January 2012. Second Opinion: Baptists, theology, and the presidency. (Thomas S. Kidd, The Baptist Standard)

20 January 2012. The significance of Supreme Court review. (K. Hollyn Hollman, BJC General Counsel)

20 January 2012. Pope Benedict warns of ‘grave threat’ to religious freedom in U.S. (David Kerr, Eurasia Review)

19 January 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

19 January 2012. Right-wing media overhypes Supreme Court case to open yet another front in culture war. (David Lyle,Media Matters)

18 January 2012. The start of American separation of church and state. (Rob Hardy, The Columbus Dispatch)

18 January 2012. Court: Religious groups exempt from bias laws. (Marilyn H. Karfeld, Cleveland Jewish News)

18 January 2012. An ecumenical fight for religious liberty. (Kathryn Jean Lopez, The National Review Online)

18 January 2012. Candidates defend religious freedom, marriage in South Carolina. (Michelle Bauman, Catholic News Agency)

18 January 2012. Maine lawmakers form prayer group. (My San Antonio)

18 January 2012. Is the ‘war on religion’ a myth? (Thomas Kidd, Patheos)

18 January 2012. Alliance Defense Fund’s chief convert [Alan Sears] (Tom McFeely, National Catholic Register)

17 January 2012. Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and religious freedom. (Tyler Ray, ACLU Blog)

17 January 2012. Supreme Court sends clear message on religion. (Hannah C. Smith, Deseret News)

17 January 2012. U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Forsyth County sectarian prayer case. (ACLU Blog)

16 January 2012. In commemoration of Religious Freedom Day. (Emily Hardman, The Becket Fund)

16 January 2012. Ruling over teacher’s firing could have far-reaching implications. (Patricia Zapor, The Catholic Review)

16 January 2012. Former diplomat [Thomas Farr] weighs US stand on religious freedom. (

13 January 2012. Editorial: Defending religious liberty. (The Register-Guard)

13 January 2012. Religion wins big; pastors protest loss. (Christine A. Scheller, Urban Faith)

13 January 2012. Religious liberty groups question impact of Anchorage equality initiative. (Joel Davidson,

13 January 2012. Leaders: Gay ‘marriage’ threatens religious liberty. (Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

13 January 2012. President proclaims Religious Freedom Day. (Bob Allen, Associated Baptist Press)

12 January 2012. Free speech concerns as UN pushes ‘sexual orientation’ as equal to ‘race,’ ‘relgion.’ (Piero Tozzi, LifeSiteNews)

12 January 2012. First Freedom Center honors AJC’s Marc Stern for religious freedom advocacy. (American Jewish Committee, PR Newswire)

12 January 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

12 January 2012. ACLU of Florida denounces school prayer bill ahead of committee stop. (Ashley Lopez, The Florida Independent)

12 January 2012. Pew Forum Study:  Mormons in America. 

11 January 2012. Supreme Court issues unanimous judgment for the Petitioner in Hosanna-Tabor “ministerial exception” case. 

11 January 2012. Breathing room for religious liberty? (Kevin Clarke, America Magazine Blog)

11 January 2012. Religion and Peacemaking bulletin. (United States Institute of Peace)

10 January 2012. Bronx Household ruling prompts protest, arrests. (Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee)

10 January 2012. Don’t serve the public (a response to NPR). (Matthew Cantirino, First Things)

9 January 2012. Religion and freedom. (David Carroll Chochran, The Witherspoon Institute)

8 January 2012. Has Obama waged a war on religion? (Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR)

8 January 2012. Recent prisoner free exercise cases. (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

8 January 2012. Cultural differences should not trump [Queens] residents’ concerns. (Bob Friedrich, Times Ledger)

8 January 2012. Was John Courtney Murray right? (Part 2). (Louie Verrecchio, Renew America)

7 January 2012. Was John Courtney Murray right? (Part 1). (Louie Verrecchio, Renew America)

6 January 2012. Freedom from Religion Foundation challenges Arizona Day of Prayer. (Jamie Ross, Courthouse News Service)

6 January 2012. Refusing pagan books, school system is reviewing policy on distribution of religious materials. (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

6 January 2012. Guest column: Why a new Islamic center belongs. (Steve Viars, The Journal & Courier [Indiana])

6 January 2011. Inazu on Justice Ginsberg & religious liberty. (Lawrence B. Solum, Legal Theory Blog)

5 January 2011. Berkley Center January Newsletter.

5 January 2012. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

5 January 2012. 5 victories and challenges for religious liberty in 2011. (Culture Watch, The Heritage Foundation)

4 January 2012. Religion and Politics 2012. (The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life)

4 January 2012. North Korea: Kim Jong Eun transition called ‘important opening’ for religious liberty focus. (Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

4 January 2012. Oklahoma Catholic charity rejects gov’t funding to maintain religious liberty. (Ben Johnson, LifeSiteNews)

4 January 2012. Pharmacists’ conscience rights on trial—Violation of Free Exercise rights. (Ed Whelan, National Review Online)

4 January 2012. Tennessee: Christian activist questions scope of anti-bullying law. (Andy Sher, TimesFreePress)

3 January 2012. All-American Muslim: An open letter. (Robert P. George and Jennifer S. Bryson, First Things)

1 January 2012. WEA Religious Liberty Prayer News. (World Evangelical Alliance)

1 January 2012. Who’s violating whose religious liberty rights?  (Brian Fraga, Our Sunday Visitor)

30 December 2011. Top 10 under-covered Vatican stories (plus a bonus feature). (John L. Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter)

30 December 2011. Roger Williams: The great seprationist. (Joyce E. Chaplin, The New York Times)

30 December 2011. The Civil War in Religion & Liberty. (Ray Nothstine, Action Institute Power Blog)

30 December 2011. Norman Lear, year-end thanks, and the BJC. (Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

30 December 2011. Norman Lear on fighting the good fight. (Los Angeles Times

29 December 2011. On marriage, religious liberty, and the “grand bargain.” (Robert George, Mirror of Justice)

29 December 2011. Top 2011 religion stories that weren’t. (Peter Laarman, Religion Dispatches)

29 December 2011. West Virginia state ACLU says Harrison County shouldn’t fund Jesus Fest. (The Associated Press via The Charleston Gazette)

29 December 2011. The welfare state’s war on religious liberty. (David French, National Review Online)

28 December 2011. 2011 victories and challenges for religious liberty. (Sarah Torre, The Foundry)

28 December 2011. Bishops say rules on gay parents limit freedom of religion. (Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times)

28 December 2011. Being pagan in Georgia: Do schools promote some religions while denigrating others? (Maureen Downey, Get Schooled Blog,

28 December 2011. American atheists mus define themselves, not be defined by the religious. (Susan Jacoby, The Washington Post On Faith)

28 December 2011. Wayzata (Minnesota) congregation wins dispute with city. (Tom Meersman, Star Tribune)

27 December 2011. Top 10 church-state and religious liberty developments for 2011. (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

27 December 2011. Religion in the public square. (Tim Shah and Tom Farr. The New York Times)

27 December 2011. Ninth Circuit panel upholds county’s blocking of church services in residential zone. (Kenneth Ofgang, Metropolitan News-Enterprise)

26 December 2011. Morning Bell: Faith in America. (Matt Spalding, The Foundry)

26 December 2011. Evangelicals ratchet up pressure on Obama to expand conscience clause. (Emily Belz, World Community)

26 December 2011. The U.S. Dept. of Defense’s war on religion, Part 2. (Chuck Norris, World Net Daily)

25 December 2011. ‘Muslim Mafia’ targeting religious freedom? (John Jessup, Christian Broadcasting Network)

23 December 2011. Look Back 2011. (Religious & Ethics Episodes, PBS)

23 December 2011. Religious liberty? Hanukkah sends another message. (Sam Lehman-Wilzig, The Jewish Voice and Herald)

23 December 2011. ‘Candy cane’ case [Morgan v. Swanson] appealed to US Supreme Court. (Luiza Oleszczuk, Christian Post Reporter)

22 December 2011. Is America’s religious freedom under threat? (Debate, The New York Times)

22 December 2011. Hundreds of Catholic leaders, bishops call for revision of HHS abortifacient contraception mandate. (Christine Dhanagom, LiefSiteNews)

22 December 2011. Christians, gays, and academic freedom. (Daivd Moshman, Huff Post College)

22 December 2011. Colorado sues over birth control provision. (Associated Press)

22 December 2011. Major free speech and religious liberty victory in Washington, D.C. as minister reads Christmas story from the Bible and displays Nativity scene at Capitoal Christmas tree. (Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Christian Newswire

21 December 2011. NY church says it’s being evicted from public room. (Associated Press via The Wall Street Journal)

21 December 2011. Catholic Health Ass’n, Notre Dame pushing dangerous compromise on birth control mandate: watchdog (Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSiteNews)

21 December 2011. U.S. House resolution presses Turkey on religious liberty issues. (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

21 December 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update. 

20 December 2011. The Jewish commitment to religious liberty from the Maccabees to present day. (Molly Benoit, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism)

20 December 2011. Sidhu on religious liberty and prison grooming requirements. (Marc O. DeGirolami, Center for Law and Religion at St. John’s University)

20 December 2011. Notre Dame, CHA propose dangerous compromise on religious liberty. (The Cardinal Newman Society Blog)

19 December 2011. Disestablishing our secular schools: Religious liberty and educational reform both require the end of the public school monopoly. (Charles L. Glenn, First Things)

19 December 2011. Guest column: Is the ACLU waging a ‘war on Christmas’? (John V. Thomas, Wicked Local Easton)

19 December 2011. At the last minute: Shutdown of U.S. religious freedom commission averted. (Michelle Bauman, California Catholic Daily)

19 December 2011. School punishes religious beliefs, student sues. (Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow)

18 December 2011. U.S. Dept. of Defense’s was or religion, Part 1. (Chuck Norris, World Net Daily)

18 December 2011. Nina Shea on religious freedom. (Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Catholic Register)

18 December 2011. High Court asked to hear religious liberty case – ADX v. Reed. (Leigh Jones, World News Service)

16 December 2011. Secularism gains interest as field of study. (Michelle Boorstein, The Washington Post)

16 December 2011. USCIRF reauthorized, but 7 must leave panel. (Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

16 December 2011. Defending the rights of religious expression for everyone — from Anglicans to Zoroastrians. The Becket Fund’s new president, William Mumma, discusses key threats to religious liberty. (Thomas L. McDonald, National Catholic Register)

15 December 2011. ACLU investigating the Greendale School District for violation of religious rights. (Viviana Buzo, Greendale Patch)

15 December 2011. Va. board backs religious liberty, lets agencies refuse gay adoption. (Stephanie Samuel, Christian Post Reporter)

15 December 2011. Senate votes to save Religious Freedom Commission. (CBN News)

15 December 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

15 December 2011. Clinton: Religious liberty means ‘right of change.’ (CBN News)

14 December 2011. Do gay rights trump religious liberty? (Campus Notes, The Cardinal Newman Society Blog)

14 December 2011. Clinton: Free speech mustn’t be squelched to protect religion. (Associated Press via KETK)

14 December 2011. U.N. assault on free speech and religious liberty begins. (Traditional Values Coalition)

14 December 2011. 12 Days of Religious Liberty — Day 1. (Alicia Gay, ACLU Blog)

13 December 2011. Commisssion on Religious Freedom indispensible? (Dr. Jeff Mirus,

13 December 2011. Atheist messages displace California park Nativity scenes. (Douglas Stanglin, USA Today)

12 December 2011. Obama administration seeks common ground with Arab states, others on religious rights. (Associated Press via The Washinton Post)

12 December 2011. Baptist Press Ledger, December 12 Edition 

12 December 2011. Religious liberty’s ‘flicker of progress.’ (Doug Bandow, The American Spectator)

11 December 2011. Our first liberty. (Alan Sears, American Thinker)

9 December 2011. Pharmacists’ conscience rights on trial—Introduction. (Ed Whelan, National Review Online)

8 December 2011. Whither America on religious freedom? (Elizabeth Kendal, Religious Liberty Monitoring)

8 December 2011. Letter: Understanding religious liberty. (The Rev. Michael Pfeifer, San Angelo, ReporterNews, Abilene, Texas)

8 December 2011. With no funding, USCIRF takes steps to steps to close. (Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

8 December 2011. The most important religious freedom case of the past thirty years [Widmar v. VincentI]. (Michael Stokes Paulsen, Public Discourse [The Witherspoon Institute]

8 December 2011. Court to hear arguments Friday (9 December) in case defending religious liberty in Pittsylvania County. (ACLU)

8 December 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

7 December 2011. 2011 Religious Liberty Year in Review. (Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee)

7 December 2011. House hearing reveals fundamental policy difference in religious liberty debate. (Bold Faith Type Blog)

7 December 2011. School board settles suit with ACLU. (Jennifer Easton, The Tennessean)

6 December 2011. Supreme Court won’t review NYC ban on worship in schools. (Bob Allen, Associated Baptist Press)

6 December 2011. Free speech questions surface after Clinton’s invitation to Muslim group. (Michelle Bauman, Catholic News Agency)

6 December 2011. The politics of Jesus’ birth. (Chris Seiple, Institute for Global Engagement [article date 23 November].

5 December 2011. Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chaffee in trouble for “holiday” tree. (Rob Boston, Opposing Views)

4 December 2011. Conviction of assassin in Pakistan is a victory for freedom of religion. (Hannah Smith, The Deseret News)

2 December 2011. Squinting at religious discrimination [in Turkey]. (Bruce Fein, The Huffington Post

2 December 2011. The presumption of liberty? (Roger Pilon, Cato@Liberty)

2 December 2011. Covering contraception, protecting conscience. (Sherif Girgis, First Things)

1 December 2011. Should Congress continue to fund the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom? (Michael D. Peabody, ReligiousLiberty.TV)

1 December 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

1 December 2011. Morning Bell: Will the President protect religious rights? (Ericka Andersen, The Foundry)

1 December 2011. Gov. Gregoire vs. Religious Liberty. (William P. Mumma of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, The Wall Street Journal)

30 November 2011. Agency rejects GW law prof’s discrimination claim against Catholic U. same-Sex dorms. (Paul L. Caron, Tax Prof Blog)

30 November 2011. Bishop Lori: Religious liberty: ‘The pre-eminent social justice issue’ of our time. (Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register)

29 November 2011. Rhode Island’s ‘holiday tree’ upsets lawmaker; governor says it respects religious liberty. (Associated Press via Greenfield, Indiana Daily Reporter) [WPRO Report]

29 November 2011. Sex-trafficking victims further victimized by stubbornly radical Obama HHS. (Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online)

29 November 2011. USCIF urges Clinton to press Burma on religious freedom during trip there. (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

29 November 2011. Conscience cause: Will the President make a call for liberty? (Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online)

28 November 2011. Wardle on marriage and religious liberty. (Mark L. Movsesian, CLR Forum)

28 November 2011. Ten Commandments lawsuit survives motion to dismiss. (Laurence Hammack, The Roanoake Times

28 November 2011. Evangelicals wrongly accused of not defending religious liberty. (Napp Nazworth, The Christian Post)

28 November 2011. Lawsuit filed against Florida principal over religious emails. Gina Jordan, StateImpact/NPR)

28 November 2011. Texas school to students: Cover crosses, other religious symbols. (Simon Brown, Opposing Views)

28 November 2011. Christian groups having tough time on college campuses. (Baptist Press via Opposing Views)

27 November 2011. Why contraception mandate should be scrapped. (Richard W. Garnett, USA Today)

27 November 2011. Large crowd rallies in Cross City: Monument of Ten Commandments subject of lawsuit. (Chad Smith,

26 November 2011. Air Force Academy adapts to pagans, druids, witches and Wiccans. (Jenny Deam, Los Angeles Times)

24 November 2011. Battling over birth control. Editorial, The New York Times)

23 November 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

23 November 2011. Imperial Security will pay $50,000 to settle EEOC religious discrimination lawsuit. (EEOC Press Release)

23 November 2011. Romney’s Mormon faith likely a factor in primaries, not general election. (Pew Research Center)

21 November 2011. Law professor (Richard W. Garnett) named consultant to U.S. Bishops Committee on Religious Liberty. (Charles Williams, University of Notre Dame Law School)

21 November 2011. Lobbying for the Faithful: Religious advocacy groups in Washington, D.C. (Project of the Pew Research Center)

21 November 2011. Religious freedom tops concerns at bishops’ meeting. (Michael Sean Winters and Jerry Filteau, National Catholic Reporter)

20 November 2011. In San Diego, African issues hit home. (Peter Rowe, SignOn San Diego News)

19 November 2011. Is religion special? (Michael McConnell, Deseret News)

18 November 2011. U.S. unique in obsession with state and religion. (Nathan B. Oman, Deseret News Opinion)

18 November 2011. Memo to bishops: Think globally on religious freedom. (John L. Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter)

18 November 2011. Catholic bishops push to keep religious issues at heart of 2011 race. (Lauren Green, Fox News)

17 November 2011. California high court clears way for same-sex marriage case. (Jerry Markon, The Washington Post)

17 November 2011. Court says backers can defend gay marriage issue. (Lisa Leff, Associated Press via The Sacramento Bee)

17 November 2011. Culture Watch: Obamacare threatens life and liberty. (Sarah Torre, The Foundry)

17 November 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

16 November 2011. Archibishop Dolan: Government eroding religious liberty. (WNYC News)

16 November 2011. USCIRF will get another temporary extension in continuing resolution. (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

15 November 2011. Mandating our religious freedom. (Jane Robbins and Emmett McGroarty, Public Discourse: Ethics, Law, and the Common Good)

15 November 2011. Three Illinois dioceses drop foster care lawsuits. (Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune)

15 November 2011. Faced with gay law, agency ends foster care. (Michael Foust, Baptist Press)

15 November 2011. Nashville “Constitution or Sharia” conference a huge success. (Don Feder, ChristianNewsWire)

14 November 2011. Supreme Court agrees to hear Obamacare challenges. (Avik Roy, Forbes)

14 November 2011. U.S. bishops say government eroding religious liberty. (Rachel Zoll, Associated Press)

11 November 2011. My Take: 10 dos and don’ts for religion and democracy. (Tony Blair, CNN Belief Blog)

11 November 2011. Will the Senate save the US Commission of International Religious Freedom? (Mark Hensch, The Christian Post)

11 November 2011. Catholic college sues over contraception mandate. (Patricia L. Guilfoyle, Catholic News Service)

11 November 2011. Membership of U.S. Bishops Religious Liberty is announced. (Deacon Keith Fournier, Catholic Online)

10 November 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

10 November 2011. Texas city’s food ordinance may infringe group’s religious liberty. (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

9 November 2011. Maryland bishops call upon Catholics to oppose same-sex marriage. (Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun)

9 November 2011. Land and Wallis discuss faith and politics. (The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

9 November 2011. Chaplain sues Navy for punishing his sermons, prayers, and whistleblower speech to President. (ChristianNewsWire)

8 November 2011. The Islamic case for religious liberty. (Joe Carter, First Things)

8 November 2011. Religion and government must not mix in America, experts say. (Shalid Ali Panhwer and Maha Mussadaq, Miami Herald)

8 November 2011. Thumbs up & thumbs down in Ohio and Michigan. (Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter

7 November 2011. Investigation shows no church-state enforcement in Arkansas’ tax-funded preschools. (Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee)

5 November 2011. Atheists at Fort Meade seek official recognition.  (Matthew Hay Brown, The Baltimore Sun)

4 November 2011. Special exceptions for religious organizations threaten liberty. (Tyler Ray and Dena Sher, ACLU Blog of Rights)

4 November 2011. Religious liberty in the U.S. on its way out? Freedom of conscience faces increased conflict in America. (Father John Flynn, LC, Zenit)

3 November 2011. Does new health care mandate trample on freedom conscience? Congress asks the experts. (Culture Watch, The Heritage Foundation)

3 November 2011. In age of political vitriol, opposing Christians call for civility. (Dan Merica, CNN Belief Blog)

3 November 2011. Secular Coalition for America submits statement to Congress on “State of Religious Liberty in the United States.”

2 November 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update. 

2 November 2011. ‘In God We Trust’: House reaffirms national motto — yet again. (David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post) [Legal analysis by David Masci, The Pew Forum)

2 November 2011. Last week’s Congressional hearing on religious liberty: A disturbing presentation by a Catholic bishop raises questions about the separation of church and state. (Marci Hamilton,

2 November 2011. Religious liberty: The legal culture. (Michael Sean Winters, The National Catholic Register)

2 November 2011. Plaintiffs file lawsuit in Giles County Ten Commandments lawsuit. (Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee)

1 November 2011. The Politics of Faith–The Role of Religion in Divided Societies: Rising Religious Conflict. (Brian Grim interview on America Abroad)

1 November 2011. Americans United announces 2011 Religious Liberty awardees. (AU Press Release)

1 November 2011. Worship: Is it second-class speech? (Bob Kellogg, One News Now)

31 October 2011. Experts predict erosion of society, religious liberty, if DOMA is repealed. (Michelle Bauman, Catholic News Agency)

31 October 2011. FRC blasts Supreme Court for allowing decision to stand that removes roadside crosses in six states. (Christian Newswire)

31 October 2011.  Supreme Court avoids dispute over highway crosses. (Jennifer Dobner, Associated Press)

31 October 2011. U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear UHP crosses case. (Aaron Falk, The Salt Lake Tribune)

31 October 2011. FRC blasts Supreme Court for allowing decision to stand that removes roadside crosses in six states. (Christian Newswire)

29 October 2011. Church-school lawsuit is a threat to religious freedom. (Jeff McAlister, [Texas])

27 October 2011. Do crosses at Catholic University violate “human rights” of Muslims? (Todd Starnes, Fox News)

27 October 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

26 October 2011. Congressional heaing on religious liberty.

26 October 2011. California city lifts prayer ban. (Becky Yeh, OneNewsNow)

26 October 2011. Muslim “hecklers” from UC Irvine appealing guilty verdict. (Becky Yeh, OneNewsNow)

25 October 2011. Defending our first freedom. (Archibishop José H. Gomez, First Things)

25 October 2011. When Baptists voted for a heretic. (Thomas S. Kidd, Patheos)

25 October 2011. Testifying in Congress on religious Freedom. (Nathanael Bennett,

25 October 2011. CA school district reverses course, will allow ‘Bible’ on permission slip. (Amy Choate-Nielsen, Deseret News)

24 October 2011. Safeguard your religious freedom. (David Barkey, Florida Jewish Journal)

21 October 2011. Can the government make theological distinctions among faith traditions? (Brett Harvey, ADF Senior Counsel via The Christian Post)

20 October 2011. Atheist lawsuit in Illinois fails to outlaw “moment of silence” in schools. (Sara Israelsen-Hartley, Deseret News)

20 October 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

20 October 2011. Ten Commandments display is private speech, lawyers say. (Laurence Hammack, The Roanoak Times)

19 October 2011. It’s time for Americans to put Mitt Romney’s religion aside. (Peter Morici, The Kansas City Star)

19 October 2011. The Times endorses religious prejudice against Mormons. (Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary)

19 October 2011. High Court clear on historic religious references. (Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow)

19 October 2011. Settlement reached in Muslim’s suit over denial of time off for hajj. (Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune)

19 October 2011. Christian teacher under investigation for opposing homosexuality. (Todd Starnes, Fox News)

18 October 2011. The Islamic case for religious liberty. (Abdullah Saeed, Doc’s Talk)

18 October 2011. JROTC’s head scarf rule keeps Tennessee girl from parade. (Maria Giordano, The Tennessean)

18 October 2011. Elder Oaks testifies before Senate committee, defends charitable deductions. (Joseph Walker, Deseret News)

18 October 2011. Hatch urges Obama to drop plan to cap charitable deductions. (Andrew Zajac, Bloomberg News)

18 October 2011. Academy told it can’t promote Islam. (Chad Groenig, One News Now)

17 October 2011. Is religion good for society? (Gregory Paul, The Washington Post)

17 October 2011. Liberty Institute to go to Supreme Court over Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross. (Liberty Institute Press Release)

16 October 2011. Where Mormons fit on the religious spectrum. (Ann Rodgers,Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

14 October 2011. KC bishop charged for not bringing porn to polices. (Bill Draper, The Associated Press)

14 October 2011. Religious Freedom and the Arab Spring. (Samuel Gregg, Acton Institute Power Blog)

13 October 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

12 October 2011. Religious liberty hypocrisy. (Mark Silk, Spiritual Politics)

11 October 2011. Rhode Island: Prayer sparks atheist’s fight. (Paul Davis, The Providence Journal)

11 October 2011. The cult of anti-Mormonism. (William McGurn, The Wall Street Journal)

10 October 2011. Latter-day sins: Why don’t we challenge anti-Mormonism? Because it’s the prejudice of our age. (William Saletan, Slate)

10 October 2011. Pastors defy IRS in defense of religious liberty. (Les Kinsolving, WorldNetDaily)

10 October 2011. Jeffress throws Jesus under the bus. (Joe Scarborough, Politico)

10 October 2011. Influential evangelical defends Romney, but says Mormonism’s not Christian. (Cydney Weiner, MSNBC)

10 October 2011. 2000 chaplains saying ‘no’ to Pentagon. (Chad Groenig, OneNewsNow)

8 October 2011. Romney, his religion a campaign issue again, condemns religious bigotry. (Phillip Rucker, The Washington Post)

7 October 2011. Atheists demand Tennessee city remove cross. (Todd Starnes, Fox News)

7 October 2011. How our religious liberty is being eroded. (George Vogt, DFW Catholic)

7 October 2011. Why Catholic bishops are targeting Obama on religious freedom. (Amy Sullivan, Time)

7 October 2011. Hatch, Johanns spearhead letter to HHS on women’s preventative services mandate. (Insurance News

6 October 2011. In focus: Religious liberty, a cherished freedom. (Steve Vernon, The Baptist Standard)

6 October 2011. Military chaplains & religious leaders strike back at the Pentagon’s new gay marriage rules. (Billy Hallowell, The Blaze)

6 October 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

6 October 2011. Prof. [Douglas Laycock] goes to high court. (Audrey Waldrop, The Cavalier Daily)

5 October 2011. Religious freedom losing its ring. (Editorial, The Washington Times)

5 October 2011. An encouraging morning for religious freedom.  (Richard W. Garnett, National Review Online)

5 October 2011. Washington wants a say over your minister.  (Michael W. McConnell, The Washington Post) [U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC.)

5 October 2011. Religious liberty in schools threatened by Tennessee ACLU lawsuit. (David French,

4 October 2011. Anti-Semitic incidents increase in the U.S. for the first time since 2004. (World Jewish Congress)

4 October 2011. EEOC sues Guam’s Aviation Concepts for religious discrimination. (Pacific News Center)

4 October 2011.  Fremont schools ban rosaries. (Kevin Cole, Omaha World Herald)

3 October 2011.  U.S. bishops create new committee on religious liberty. (Thomas Freidman, Religion Clause)

2 October 2011. California prevents ban on male circumcision. (Mary Slossom, Reuters, via Worldwide Religious News)

2 October 2011.  Court rejects Christian housing ministry lawsuit. (Gina E. Ryder, The Christian Post)

2 October 2011. San Francisco court (9th Circuit) protects religious freedoms of Christian homeless shelter. (Gina E. Ryder, The Christian Post)

1 October 2011. Rising atheism in America puts ‘religious right on the defensive’. (Paul Harris, The Guardian via Worldwide Religious News)

1 October 2011.  Mormon church president announces plans for new temples in Utah, Wyoming, Colombia, Africa. (Associated Press via The Washington Post)

30 September 2011.  U.S. State Department speaks out for Iranian Christian pastor facing death sentence.  (Baptist Press)

30 September 2011. Bishops’ new ad hoc committee will tacke religious liberty concerns. (Dennis Sadowsky, Catholic News Service)

30 September 2011. Archbishop protests Obama’s anit-marriage policy as threat to religious liberty.  (James Heiser, The New American)

30 September 2011. Government to force charitable organizations to violate their conscience or pay fines.  (Monserrat Alverado, The Becket Fund)

29 September 2011.  “Candy cane” case comes to a close.  (Bob Kellogg, Legal and Courts, OneNewsNow)

29 September 2011.  Pew Forum Weekly News Update. 

28 September 2011.  Religion & Liberty: An interview with Metropolitan Jonah.  (Ray Nothstine, Action Institute Power Blog)

26 September 2011. Professor says Vanderbilt suppressing Christian student groups amid shutdown threats.  (John Roberts, Fox News)

26 September 2011.  Millenial generation challenges religion in American. (Morley Winograd, Michael D. Hais, Christian Science Monitor)

26 September 2011.  Irvine 11: Criminals or Muslim civil rights heroes?  (Mark Paredes, Deseret News)

24 September 2011.  Catholics warn of “national conflict” over gay marriage. (David Gibson, Religion News Service)

23 September 2011.  Muslim students guilty of disrupting Jewish speaker. (Amy Taxin, Associated Press via OneNewsNow)

22 September 2011.  Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

22 September 2011.  Settlement reached in VA discrimination suit. (Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press via

22 September 2011. Texas school punishes boy for opposing homosexuality. (Todd Starnes, Fox

22 September 2011.  Freedom of religion panel about to expire. (Jordan E. Otero, The Washington Times)

21 September 2011. Religious freedom and Sharia law. (Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, The Jewish Week)

21 September 2011.  California couple fined $300 for holding home Bible studies.  (Fox

21 September 2011.  Catholics asked to fight birth control insurance rule. (Bruce Nolan, Religion News Service via The Washington Post)

21 September 2011.  University of Wisconsin pays almost $500,000 for violating religious liberties.  (Jordan Lorence, Alliance Defense Fund

21 September 2011.  Pittsburgh bishops leads opposition to federal health insurance mandate.  (Craig Smith, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

20 September 2011.  Review sought in CA school’s religious banner case.  (Associated Press)

19 September 2011.  Ninth Circuit tosses lawsuit against Boise Rescue Mission over religion.  (Rebecca Boone, Associated Press via

19 September 2011.  Coalition asks Obama to clarify remarks on faith-based hiring discrimination.  (Bob Allen, Associated Baptist Press)

19 September 2011.  International religious liberty report gets bad reviews.  (Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

19 September 2011.  Has Obama changd policy on discrimination in faith-based hiring?  (Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Opposing Views)

19 September 2011.  Some chaplains wary of DADT repeal.  (Associated Press via OneNewsNow)

19 September 2011.  America remains split on gay marriage according to latest figures.  (Daniel Miller, Mail Online)

19 September 2011.  Can civil rights be religious wrongs?  (Vivian Berger, National Law Journal)

18 September 2011. Ambiguity causes concern for freedoms of military chaplains after repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’.  (Hannah C. Smith, Deseret News)

18 September 2011.  No room for tolerance.  (Editorial, New York Times)

17 September 2011.  British Conservatives’ shift on gay marriage puts GOP on the spot.  (Alan Wirzbicki, The Boston Globe)

17 September 2011.  Illinois civil unions law pits religious, gay rights. (Associated Press via Chicago Tribune)

15 September 2011.  Willful ignorance and religious liberty. (Barbara O’Brien,

15 September 2011.  Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

14 September 2011.  Separation of church and state: Good for religion?  (Susan Jacoby, The Washington Post)

13 September 2011.  Remarks on the International Religious Freedom Report.  (Suzan Johnson Cook, U.S. Department of State)

12 September 2011.  Still more on: Obama DOJ picks a fight against religious freedom.  (Ed Whelan, National Review Online)

12 September 2011.  Federal appeals court considers Sharia law. (Ariane de Vouge, ABC News)

11 September 2011. The real fight for Islam. (Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, The Star Online)

10 September 2011.  As Illinois moves to end charity’s role foster care, some parents have second thoughts. (Jim Suhr, Associated Press)

9 September 2011. Faith-free: Remembering 9/11. (Tiffany Owens, World Magazine)

9 September 2011.  Former ambassador keynotes Global Leadership Forum 2011. (Institute for Global Engagement Press Release)

8 September 2011.  9/11 destruction allows us to spiritually rebuild.  (Thomas S. Monson, Guest Blogger, Washington Post On Faith) [Deseret News Report]

8 September 2011.  Remember Sept. 10, not just Sept. 11. (Jay Evensen, Deseret News

8 September 2011.  Tom Brokaw joins Mormon Tabernacle Choir for tribute, “9/11: Rising Above.”  (Mormon Tabernacle Choir Website)

8 September 2011.  A tax law primer as Maryland churches are lobbied to oppose marriage equality.  (Sofia Resnick, The American Independent)

7 September 2011.  Judge blocks Indiana city’s land deal with Catholic school.  (Tom Coyne, Associated Press via

7 September 2011.  In court, L.A. rabbi hews to beliefs, still refuses to testify. (Los Angeles Times)

7 September 2011.  White House to aid Islamic states defy free speech. (Nina Shea, Baptist Press)

7 September 2011.  Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

7 September 2011.  Wisconsin bishops: abortion now definitely part of Obamacare thanks to ‘contraception’ mandate.  (Jeremy Kryn,

6 September 2011.  Poll: Many Americans uncomfortable with Muslims.  (Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog)

1 September 2011.  USCCB: Contraceptive mandate “unprecedented attack on religious liberty.”  (

1 September 2011.  Turkey’s minority decree divides U.S. Armenians. (Ümit Enginsoy, Hürriyet Daily News)

31 August 2011. US bishops’ lawyers accuse Obama Administration of ‘an unprecedented attack on religious liberty.” (Life Site

31 August 2011. Muslims, police fight at New York theme park over headscarf ban.  (Elizabeth Flock, The Washington Post National)

30 August 2011.  Houston National Cemetery: Final resting place, and battleground.  (James Dao, New York Times)

30 August 2011.  Alabama’s flawed and punishing immigration law.  (William Donohue, Spero News)

30 August 2011.  Annual “meeting of experts” studies influence of secularism on religious freedom.  (Bettina Krause, IRLA/ANN)

30 August 2011.  Parental authority, religious liberty upheld in California circumcision debate.  (Becky Yeh, OneNewsNow)

29 August 2011.  Muslim Americans say life more difficult since 9/11.  (Carole Morello, The Washington Post)

29 August 2011.  ADF will ask U.S. Supreme Court to reverse ruling that upholds discrimination against religious student groups.  (Alliance Defense Fund Press Release)

29 August 2011.  Obama DOJ picks a fight against religious freedom.  (Ed Whelan, National Review Online)

28 August 2011.  The nation’s cruelest immigration law.  (Editorial, New York Times)

27 August 2011.  Rising hostility against religion worldwide.  (Report on the Pew Study, Michael DeGroote, Deseret News

26 August 2011.  Mexican Presbyterian church severs ties with U.S. Presbyterians over gay clergy.  (Associated Press via The Washington Post)

25 August 2011.  Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

25 August  2011.  Forbes sends letter to President Obama urging preservation of religious liberty in hiring practices.  (Joe Hack, Standard NewsWire)

25 August 2011.  Religious liberties, minorities, and Islam:  An interview with Saba Mahmood.  (Nathan Schneider, Jadaliyya)

24 August 2011.  Florida teacher suspension over gay-marriage Facebook post rescinded.  (Citizen WElls News)

24 August 2011. Chaplaincy groups urge Congress to increase religious liberty protections in face of DADT repeal.  (Howard Feinman, Religion Clause)

23 August 2011.  Veteran’s groups in VA suing Veteran’s Administration officials claiming religious discrimination; Liberty Institute represents vets.  (Dakota O’Leary, God Discussion)

22 August 2011.  Major blow to Catholic Charities in Illinois over homosexual adoption.  (Peter Baklinski, LifeSiteNews)

22 August 2011. Veteran chaplains, service members urge Boehner, Reid to stand up for religious freedom.  (Press Release, Alliance Defense Fund)

22 August 2011.  Newport’s Touro Synagogue hosts annual reading of Washington letter.  (Paul Edward Parker, The Providence Journal)

22 August 2011.  Health insurance mandates threaten everyone’s freedom.  (Chuck Donovan, The Daily Caller)

22 August 2011.  Renew commitment to religious liberty.  (Thomas S. Kidd,

21 August 2011.  After September 11, ‘religion can no longer ignored.’  (Cathy Lynn Grossman, Faith & Reason, USA Today)

20 August 2011. Reversing the decay of London undone.  (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks,The Wall Street Journal)

19 August 2011.  Wiccan days included on Tennessee university calendar.  (Michael Cass, The Tennessean)

19 August 2011.  Polygamy and religious liberty.  (Troy Bowles, The Salt Lake Tribune)

19 August 2011.  Ideology trumps child welfare again — this time in Illinois.  (David French, National Review Online)

18 August 2011.  Florida teacher suspended after gay marriage comment on Facebook.  (Nathan Black, The Christian Post)

18 August 2011. Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

17 August 2011.  California to remove three crosses from public land.  (Douglas Stanglin, USA Today)

17 August 2011.  Portland case forces Vatican to release priest abuse documents for the first time.  (Bryan Denson, The Oregonian)

17 August 2011.  Religious schools dominate vouchers in Marion County.  (Scott Elliott,

16 August 2011.  Religion and the cult of tolerance.  (William Mcgurn, The Wall Street Journal via Worldwide Religious News)

16 August 2011.  Obama DOJ picks a fight against religious freedom.  (Ed Whelan, National Review Online)  

16 August 2011.  Something religions can agree on.  (Peter Smith,

16 August 2011.  Same-sex marriage and religious liberty.  (Thomas Berg, SCOTUS Blog)

16 August 2011 (original publication 9 August).  Jeffs and the limits of religious liberty.  (Paul T. Mero, The Sutherland Institute)

15 August 2011.  Marriage equality: religious freedom, federalism, and judicial activism.  (Robert A. Levy, SCOTUS Blog)

15 August 2011.  Judge denies request to block Indiana voucher program.  (Ken Kusmer, Associated Press via

15 August 2011.  Victim of Indonesian mob attack send to jail. (Ari Kotarumalos, Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

15 August 2011.  Church denied baptism ceremony request in public park.  (Don Byrd, BJC News)

14 August 2011.  On the record with John Garvey, CUA president: contraception, single-sex dorms, and inculcating virtue on campus.  (Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register)  

14 August 2011.  U.S. Jews, Muslims: more in common than we think.  (Joshua M Z Stanton, Kuwait Times)

13 August 2011.  Judge blocks Colorado school voucher program.  (Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press)

12 August 2011.  Federal judge rules Arkansas bus line wrong to deny atheist ads.  (Suzi Parker, Reuters)

10 August 2011.  North Carolina federal court rejects ministerial exception defense in racial discrimination suit by administrative assistant.  (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

10 August 2011.  Alabama will seek state supreme court’s opinion in immigration suit brought by religious leaders.  (Andrew Harris, Bloomberg News)

9 August 2011.  One-third of the world’s population experiences an increase in restrictions on religion, says new Pew Forum study, “Rising Restrictions on Religion.” 

9 August 2011.  New birth control requirements are a loss for conscience.  (Hannah C. Smith, Deseret News

9 August 2011.  The case for Catholic health care.  (National Catholic Register)

8 August 2011.  Another round in Ten Commandments fight his Florida.  (Brent Kallestad, Associated Press

8 August 2011.  Panhandle DOM says Santa Rosa cas was ‘test of unity’ for area church members.  (Joni B. Hannigan, Florida Baptist Witness)

7 August 2011.  HHS action draws widespread religious liberty protests. (The Catholic Post – Peoria, Illinois)

7 August 2011.  Sussex Council’s prayer disrespects non-Christians.  (Rev. John Steinbruck, DelawareOnline)

6 August 2011.  Mormons might face a tougher race in South Carolina. (Yvonne Wenger – The (Charleston) Post and Courier)

4 August 2011.  Air Force ends religion-themed ethics class.  (Don Byrd, BJC News)

4 August 2011.  Alabama lab lost key evidence in praying mom’s case.  (Jay Reeves, Associated Press)

3 August 2011.  Archbishop:  Alabama immigration law threatens religious liberty.  (

2 August 2011.  Brody File:  “Faith factor” in U.S. presidential politics. (

2 August 2011.  Religious liberty again being tested in courts: City of San Leandro asks Supreme Court to clarify RLUIPA.  (Becky Yeh, OneNewsNow)

1 August 2011.  House OKs special envoy for religious liberty.  (Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

1 August 2011.  John Garvey on “Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection.”  (Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice)

29 July 2011. Fourth Circuit ruling: North Carolina County cannot open public meetings with sectarian prayers (practice was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion).  (

29 July 2011. Circumcision ban struck from San Francisco ballot.  (Michael Foust, Baptist Press)

29 July 2011.  Military chaplains mull end of Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell.  (Lauren Green, Fox News)

29 July 2011.  Feds file lawsuit in Taco Bell haircut dispute.  (Associated Press)

28 July 2011.  Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

28 July 2011. UTSA embroiled in ad controversy (school tried to block Christian group’s job posting seeking pro-life applicants). (Melissa Ludwig,

27 July 2011.  Opinion:  Change the status quo of religious persecution. (Carl Moeller, Open Doors USA via The Christian Post)

27 July 2011.  Illinois civil union act does not protect religious freedom.  (Pastor Rick Barnard, Morris Daily Herald)

26 July 2011.  American Atheists oppose U.S. Supreme Court review of Utah highway crosses case.  (Dennis Romboy, Deseret News)

25 July 2011.  White House quizzed on certification of DADT repeal.  (Charlie Butts, One News Now)

24 July 2011.  Vows make New York largest gay marriage state.  (Associated Press, Fox News)

24 July 2011.  Norway suspect sought ‘Christian War’ against Islam.  (Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA Today / Faith and Reason

23 July 2011.  Religious liberty makes gains in U.S., South Sudan.  (Charles C. Haynes, Poughkeepsie Journal)

22 July 2011.  Newcomers facing traditionalists in tug-of-war struggle.  (Megan Larkin, The Spiritual Herald [with quotation by Douglas Laycock])

21 July 2011.  Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update.

21 July 2011.  The midnight adoption of Europe’s most restrictive religion law.  (Joseph K. Grieboski, The Huffington Post)

19 July 2011.  Using the military to attack the Defense of Marriage Act.  (Daniel Blomberg, Alliance Defense Fund)

19 July 2011.  Obama backs bill to repeal Defense of Marriage Act.  (David Nakamura, The Washington Post)

19 July 2011.  Pop-up churches find school spaces handy but tricky.  (Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA Today Faith and Reason)

19 July 2011.  The Mormon church and the media’s ‘cult’ box. (Mike Otterson, The Washington Post)

19 July 2011.  New York marriage equality set to begin, minus two clerks.  (Candace Chellew-Hodge, Religion Dispatches)

18 July 2011.  First Circuit:  New Hampshire policy requiring inmate to be clean shaven does not violate religious liberty.  (David L. Hudson, Jr., First Amendment Center, via [Case, Kuperman v. Wrenn, et al. ]

18 July 2011.  California governor signs gay history law.  (The Christian Institute [UK]) (CBN report)

18 July 2011.  Some thoughts on the current crisis of the concept of “religious liberty.” (Grégor Puppinck, Turtle Bay and Beyond