Freedom of Conscience, Religion, or Belief in the UK (July 2011 – March 2012)

28 March 2012. UK mulls ways to legally remove ‘terrorists’ from their land. (Al Arabiya News)

26 March 2012. Russian Church deplores UK ban on wearing crosses at work. (Interfax-Religion)

26 March 2012. Free expression, privacy injunctions and gay marriage — The Human Rights Roundup. (Wessen Jazrawi, UK Human Rights Blog)

22 March 2012. New joint NGO statement on draft Brighton Declaration. (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

22 March 2012. “I will make London a beacon of Islam,” says Former Mayor of London and Labour’s candidate. (Andrew Gilligan, The Telegraph)

19 March 2012. Militant secularism in Western Europe. (The Nutbox)

19 March 2012. Muslims and Sikhs attack Cameron’s gay marriage plan. (Tim Ross, The Telegraph)

19 March 2012. Release of Report 2012. (Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe)

18 March 2012. The battle for Britain’s soul begins here. (Cole Moreton, The Telegraph)

18 March 2012. Are we a Christian country or not? It’s time to decide. (Ed Jacobs, Left Foot Forward)

16 March 2012. Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury to step down. (Avrial Ormsby, Reuters via Worldwide Religion News)

15 March 2012. U.K. employers can now ban cross wearing by Christian employees. (Catholic News Online)

15 March 2012. Gay marriage consultation greeted with suspicion on both sides. (Sam Jones and James Schofield, The Guardian)

15 March 2012. If we censored Dante, Shakespeare and Jesus would be next in line. (Peter Mullen, The Telegraph)

15 March 2012. Should gay marriage be legalised? (Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog)

15 March 2012. ‘I can handle death threats, but gay marriage threatens freedom of speech.’ (David Burrowes, The Telegraph

15 May 2012. Britain starts talks on legalizing gay marriage. (Trevor Grundy, Religion News Service via The Washington Post)

15 March 2012. David Cameron (British PM) and Boris Johnson (Lord Mayor of London) back Christians’ right to wear cross. (The Christian Institute)

15 March 2012. NATO and EU long-term commitment to Afghanistan [Op-Ed and invitation to March 27 event]. (Willy Fautré, Human Rights Without Frontiers)

15 March 2012. Azerbaijan: Raids continue, liguidate case adjourned. (Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service)

14 March 2012. Religious tension root of Nigerian conflict. (Michelle Bauman, CNA)

14 March 2012. Outrage at move towards bannking Christian crosses from workplace. (Martin McLaughlin, The Scotsman)

14 March 2012. Gay Christians. (The Irish Times)

12 March 2012. Cross purposes? Nadia Eweida and the meaning of religious symbols. (Andrew Brown, The Guardian)

12 March 2012. It’s a huge mistake to forbid a tiny act of Christian worship. (Boris Johnson, The Telegraph)

12 March 2012. Britain crucifix workplace ban argument fo European court a blow to Christian symbol, say critics. (Ricahrd J. Brennan, The Star)

12 March 2012. By calling the cross ‘religious decoration’, the Archbishop of Canterbury is helping secularists. Whose side is he on? (Peter Mullen, The Telegraph)

12 March 2012. British psychotherapist blames churches for not saying that homosexual behaviour is a sin. (Talpa brussliensis christiana)

11 March 2012. Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government. (David Barrett, The Telegraph)

10 March 2012. Hot and bothered: The rise of evangelism is shaking up England’s established church. (The Economist)

10 March 2012. Abu Qatada barrister could become Britain’s next European human rights judge. (Martin Beckford, The Telegraph)

8 March 2012. In secular Britain, a clash over public prayer. (Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post)

8 March 2012. Reforming or redefining the European Court of Human Rights? (Noreen O’Meara, UK Human Rights Blog) [second in a seires of posts analysing the UK’s draft “Brighton Declaration” on ECtHR reform.

6 March 2012. Jordan promises fair trial for Abu Qatada as Theresa May returns. (Tom Whitehead, The Telegraph)

6 March 2012. In a liberal democracy, pluralism makes religious liberty more not less necessary. (Dave Landrum, The Guardian)

3 March 2012. Cults watchdog faces danger of being shut down. (Jamie Doward, The Guardian)

3 March 2012. Christians must choose between religion and obeying law, says equalities chief Trevor Phillips. (John Bingham and Tim Ross, The Telegraph)

3 March 2012. 2030: The year Britain will cease to be a Christian nation with the march of secularism. (Daniel Martin, Mail Online)

1 March 2012. A radical Left-wing argument for ripping up the European Convention on Human Rights. (Brendan O’Neill, The Telegraph)

29 February 2012. Draft Declaration on British ECHR reform plans leaked. (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

29 February 2012. Roman Catholic midwives loes abortion ‘conscientious objection’ case in Scotland. (BBC News)

28 February 2012. Britain plans reform of the European Court of Human Rights. (Owen Bowcott, The Guardian)

27 February 2012. Report alleging discrimination against Christians in UK ‘confused’. (Ekklesia)

20 February 2012. Keeping it controversial: Religion, deportation and open justice – The Human Rights Roundup. (Wessen Jasrawi, UK Human Rights Blog)

19 February 2012. UK Court of Appeal upholds hotel gay discrimination ruling by Chrisitan couple. (Marina Wheeler, UK Human Rights Blog)

18 February 2012. The problem in public life isn’t Islam, but religion itself. (Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail)

17 February 2012. The Queen’s bold defence of the Church is vital to preclude a national lurch into a moral abyss. (Abhijit Pandya, Mail Online)

16 February 2012. Michael Fry: Benign secularism suits the British state well. (

15 February 2012. Can Britain tolerate Christians? (Anne Jolis, The Wall Street Journal)

15 February 2012. Strasbourg in the primordial soup. (Rosalind English, UK Human Rights Blog)

15 February 2012. Rule of law is not a bendy tool fo political use. (Allan Massie, The Scotsman)

15 February 2012. Abu Qatada’s freedom might be the price we pay for ours. (Christina Patterson, The Independent via Huffpost World)

15 February 2012. We must defend our religious heritage and the values it underpins. (3 comments, The Telegraph)

14 February 2012. UK government minister slams ‘militant secularism’. (Jill Lawless, Associated Press)

14 February 2012. ‘Intolerant militant secularism’ has Europe in its grip: British Muslim Baroness. (Hilary White, LifeSiteNews)

13 February 2012. Abu Qatada released under strict bail conditions. (The Telegraph)

13 February 2012. Al Qatada to be released from Long Lartin jail. (BBC News)

13 February 2012. Qatada’s release ‘imminent’ as Downing Street says it is ‘considering all options’ to remove him at earliest opportunity. (Ian Drury and Tim Shipman, Daily Mail)

12 February 2012. Abu Qatada, public prayer and cameras in court – The Human Rights Roundup. (Sam Murrant, UK Human Rights Blog)

11 February 2012. High Court council prayers ruling ‘an attack on centuries-old Christian traditions’. (John Bigham, The Telegraph.

10 February 2012. Street preacher who told passing gay couple they’d “burn in hell” cleared of using threatening words. (Mirror News)

10 February 2012. Councils ‘should have right to say prayers,’, says Eric Pickles. (The Telegraph)

9 February 2012. Extremist preachers now radicalising young Muslims in private homes, says senior Government security adviser. (Christopher Hope, The Telegraph)

8 February 2012. On both sides of the Atlantic, faceless bureaucrats are assailing religious freedom. (Iain Murray, Mail Online)

8 February 2012. Kick out hate preacher now, say MPs. (Graeme Wilson, The Sun News)

8 February 2012. Case in Britain echos dilemma at Guantanamo. (Dina Temple-Raston, New Hampshire News)

8 Feburary 2012. Leading article: No time for MI5 to stand in the way. (The Independent)

7 February 2012. “Games pastors” to help visitors at London Olympics. (Jo Siedlecka, ENI News)

7 February 2012. We must stand up to Euro judges. (James Slack, Mail Online)

7 February 2012. Qatada ruling not acceptable, says Theresa May. (Wesley Johnson, The Independent)

7 February 2012. Don’t punish Christians for expressing faith, says bishop. (The Christian Institute)

7 February 2012. Blears: Abu Qatada release of ‘extreme concern.’ (BBC Radio)

7 February 2012. Bishops call for Church of England to stand for Christian freedoms. (Christian Concern)

6 February 2012. British courts grant bail to radical cleric. (CNN)

5 February 2012. Let people wear cross with pride, urge bishops. (Edward Malnick, The Telegraph)

4 February 2012. Archbishop of York interview in Jamaica. (Yorkpress)

3 February 2012. Irish Bishop investigated for ‘hate crime’ for upsetting hu

1 February 2012. Ruling in favour of religious freedom in parallel US case. (Christian Concern [UK])

31 January 2012. Archbishop Sentamu has no right to block gay civil marriages. (Peter G Tatchell, Huffington Post UK)

31 January 2012. The Attorney General nuances the PM’s dig at European Court. (Alisdair Henderson, The UK Blog)

31 January 2012. ‘Visions of Ecstacy’ gets UK rating after 23-year ban, (BBC News)

30 January 2012. Analysis: Judging the European Court of Human Rights. (Maeve McClenaghan, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism)

29 January 2012. Cameron his Strasbourg – The human rights roundup. (Wessen Jazrawi, UK Human Rights Blog)

28 January 2012.  David Cameron: European Court of Human Rights has neither authority nor legitimacy. (Alisdair Palmer, The Telegraph)

26 January 2012. Once in a generation? (David Cameron discusses Court in address before COE Parliamentary Assembly). (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog

25 January 2012. David Cameron to Council of Europe: back my reforms or UK steps back. (Wintour and Watt Blog, The Guardian)

25 January 2012. Religious freedom under threat from courts, professor warns. (David Shariatmadari, The Guardian)

22 January 2012. Is the European Court of Human Rights obsessively interventionist? (Andres Tickell, UK Human Rights Blog)

21 January 2012. British justice should not be over-ruled by the European Court of Human Rights. (Ian Martin, The Telegraph)

21 January 2012. Britain challenges the power of human rights court. (Patrick Hennessy, The Telegraph)

19 January 2012. European human rights court bans Al Qaeda preacher’s deportation to Jordan. (Amiel Ungar, Israel National News)

19 January 2012. Catholic midwives [in Scotland] challenge ruling on abortions. (Auslan Cramb, The Telegraph)

18 January 2012. With new found time, ex-British PM enjoys being able to focus on single issues of concern. (Suthichai Yoon, The Nation)

18 January 2012. Hate preacher to ‘go free in months’: Radical cleric cannot be deported say European Human Rights judges. (James Slack, Mail Online)

17 January 2012. Britain cannot deport Abu Qatada to Jordan, European judges rule. (The Guardian)

17 January 2012. Five steps to civil rights in a secular Ireland. (Michael Nugent, Atheism, Reason, Skepticism, Happiness)

12 January 2012. UK loses 3 out of 4 European human rights cases? More like 1 in 50, actually. (Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog)

4 January 2012. Catholic majority in Northern Ireland to present dilemma for Britain and Republic. (Gerry Moriarti, Irish Times)

2 January 2012. Faith in a globalized age. (Tony Blair, New Europe Online Post)

2 January 2012. Taking faith seriously. (Tony Blair, New Europe Online Post)

16 December 2011. David Cameron says the UK is a Christian county “and we should not be afraid to say so”. (BBC News)

16 December 2011. Lord Irvine’s take on the ECHR. (Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

15 December 2011. We must respect human rights of parents who want secular schools. (Michael Nugent, Atheism, Reason, Skepticism, Happniess)

14 December 2011. U.K. judge grants judicial review into ban on Christian discrimination advert. (Christian Today)

13 December 2011. Government won’t support Christian registrar’s case in Europe. (The Christian Institute

10 December 2011. Ministers won’t back cross-ban Christians: Ex-archbishop condemns “illiberal” assault on faith. (Jonathan Prete, Mail Online)

6 December 2011. Yes to reforming the European Court of Human Rights. No to overriding it. (Sigrid Rausing, Liberty Central, The Guradian)

23 November 2011. European judge slams UK ‘xenophobia.’ (Owen Bowcott, The Guardian)

22 November 2011. Church of England says ‘no’ to bill of rights. (Christian Today)

21 November 2011. EU Council warns UK on human rights. (Council of Europe, Press TV)

21 November 2011. Don’t push your luck, UK top judge tells Euro court in new ‘rights’ showdown. (Steve Doughty, Mail Online)

15 November 2011. UK courts following European human rights rulings too strictly, warn judges. (Owen Bowcot, The Guardian)

11 November 2011. Guest post on British ECHR reform plans. (Post of Ed Bates on Antoine Buyse’s ECHR Blog)

11 November 2011. Tony Blair says religion in the public realm is vital. (Tony Blair Faith Foundation)

7 November 2011. A Brit takes over at the European Court of Human Rights – The Human Rights Roundup. (Melina Padron, UK Human Rights Blog)

3 November 2011. UK government lifts ban on gay civil partnerships in churches. (Christian Today)

28 October 2011. New complaint to the European Court about crosses and religious celebrations in Austrian public Kindergartens. (National Secular Society UK)

27 October 2011. Priorities of the United Kingdom Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (include reform of the European Court of Human Rights) (Committe of Ministers, Ministers’ Deputies Information Documents)

25 October 2011. A grown-up speech on human rights reform. (Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog)

23 October 2011. Can Britain “ignore Europe on human rights”? (Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog)

20 October 2011. British courts ‘not bound by Europe’, says senior jugde. (Channel 4 News [UK])

19 October 2011. Why no-one can touch Europe’s Human Rights judges. (Jack Doyle, MailOnline)

14 October 2011. NSS publish European Court of Human Rights intervention. (Keith Porteus Wood, National Secular Society)

12 October 2011.  UK: High court appeal for imprisoned Navy conscientious objector. More at A conscience test case at the Royal Courts of Justice. (Ekklesia

12 October 2011. ‘I’d rather go to jail than pay BBC a penny’: Devout Catholic gran refuses to pay TV licence fee over ‘deeply offensive’ show (Chris Parsons, The Daily Mail)

11 October 2011. Wrong to penalise Christian registrar, consultation finds. (The Christian Institute)

2 October 2011. U.K. government to save Year of our Lord from BBC’s ‘Common Era.’ (Chris Hastings, The Daily Mail)

29 September 2011.  The make-up of modern Britain: 70% of us claim to be Christians … and only 1.5% are gay.  (Steve Doughty, DailyMailOnline)

28 September 2011.  Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) submits intervention to ECtHR on religious discrimination in the workplace.  (  [EHRC Consultation Response Summary] [EHRC Submission to ECtHR]

27 September 2011.  Police to British cafe:  Don’t show Bible DVD.  (Michael Foust, Baptist Press)

19 September 2011.  Futher accommodation for religious conscience ‘unacceptable’ says Porteous Wood. (Solicitor’s Journal)

19 September 2011.  Now in England: Plans to redefine marriage.  (The Christian Institute)

17 September 2011.  Gay marriage ‘to be made legal in Britain by 2015’.  (Daniel Martin and Tim Shipman, Mail Online)

11 September 2011.  General point in relation to the EHRC intervention in ECtHR human rights cases.  (Niel Addison, Religion Law Blog)

9 September 2011.  [ECtHR] judges are biased against Christians, says archbishop.  (Simon Caldwell,

8 September 2011.  Video: Tory peers send “equality law” warning. (The Christian Institute)

22 August 2011.  Equality and Human Rights Commission reverses position on religious cases intervention.  (Adam Wagner, U.K. Human Rights Blog)

20 August 2011. Reversing the decay of London undone.  (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks,The Wall Street Journal)

18 August 2011.  Equality watchdog drops plan to protect religious rights.  (Tim Ross, The Telegraph)

16 August 2011.  Are human rights to blame for the riots?  (Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog)

16 August 2011.  EHRC launches consultation on submissions in religious discrimination case.  (Laura Chamberlain, Personnel Today)

12 August 2011.  European court allows ADF to intervene in multiple UK religious discrimination cases; former Slovakian prime minister will join ADF in defending rights of conscience.  (Press Release, Alliance Defense Fund)

5 August 2011.  National Secular Society given leave to intervene at ECHR in religious discrimination cases.  (NSS Press Release) 

5 August 2011.  MP support for Christians sparks anger in gay-rights groups.  (Dartmouth Chronicle)

14 July 2011.  EHRC seeks permission to intervene in the European Court of Human Rights and proposes “reasonable accommodation” for religion in the workplace.  (Employers Forum on Belief)

14 July 2011.  EHRC attempts at clarity muddy the religious waters, spark a huge row.  (Cath Everett, HR Zone)