Freedom of Belief Seminar in Santiago, Chile

October 2009 – Santiago

ICLRS Advisors for Latin America, Gary B. Doxey (Center Associate Director) and Scott R. Isaacson (Senior Fellow and Executive Director for Latin America) will travel to Santiago, Chile, to attend an International Seminar, “Right to Freedom of Belief 10 Years after the Enactment of Law No. 19.638 [The ‘Chilean Law of Worship’] on Legal Constitution of Religious Entities.” The seminar, to take place 29-30 October 2009 at the Santiago Campus of the University of Talca, is organized by the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, University of Talca; the Faculty of Law, Catholic University of Valparaiso School of Law; Catholic University of Chile Law School; and the University of the Andes. The seminar is sponsored by the Chilean Ministry of Justice National Bureau of Religions Affairs (SEGPES), the Latin American Consortium for Religious Freedom, and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. In the fifth block of the Seminar on 30 October, Director Isaacson will join panelists – Professors Carlos Salinas of the Catholic University of Valparaiso, Christían Suárez of the University of Talca, and Juan Navarro of Argentina – in discussing “Religious Education and the State.”