Franco Marcelo Fiumara

Franco Marcelo Fiumara, Judge, Criminal Court, Judicial Department of La Matanza

Franco Fiumara, an expert in criminal procedural law, serves as a criminal court judge. He holds doctorates in both juridical science and political science, and he completed postgraduate studies at the University of Bari in Italy. Fiumara is a professor emeritus at the University Aldo Moro in Bari, Italy, and he holds the honorary title of Counselor at the Inter-American Litigation Faculty, part of the Barra Interamericana de Abogados in Mexico. His academic pursuits have taken him to France, Poland, and Germany. Fiumara is also a distinguished citizen and an esteemed guest in various cities across Argentina. He has received Italy’s prestigious Ufficiale della Ordine della Stella d’Italia award as well as the Personnalité d’Avenir in France. As a lecturer and researcher, Fiumara has made significant contributions to the field of education and justice, with numerous articles and books to his name. Some of his notable works include “Education and Justice as Methods for Preventing Genocides (Shoà and 20th and 21st Century Genocides),” “The Italian Expat Vote,” and “Russia, Thematic Tourism.” He teaches in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and serves as a researcher and counselor at Universidad Nacional de La Matanza.