Francis Ng Teck Beng

Francis Ng Teck Beng, Regional Officer, The Salvation Army

Major Francis Ng Teck Beng, a Salvation Army officer with 39 years of service, assumed the role of territorial secretary for communications and spiritual life development for the Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand Territory on August 1, 2023. Previously, he served as the regional officer in Malaysia, overseeing diverse ministries. Guided by a profound calling, he has excelled in work with children, youth, and adults, as well as in community work—an embodiment of his commitment to spiritual leadership and humanitarian service. Major Ng’s collaborative approach involves local and international agencies and seeks to foster positive community impact. He is a member of International Emergency Services and has helped provide aid to disaster-stricken countries such as Myanmar, Taiwan, Vanuatu, and Indonesia. Major Ng is married to Major Mary and they have four adult children.