Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief (“the Deskbook”)

Since the publication of the internationally significant work Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief: A Deskbook, many appeals for its translation have been made. Consequently, the Center has undertaken the task of translating the deskbook into Indonesian, Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese. The Indonesian Translation has now been published, and the Russian Translation was launched in events in Moscow and Kyiv in early August 2010. The deskbook anthology is designed as a single-volume resource for all who are concerned with facilitating improved global compliance with international standards in freedom of religion or belief (FORB).

The Deskbook’s varied and diverse topics are addressed by more than fifty global experts in the field, who provide historical and philosophical background on religious human rights, applicable international norms, and the international procedural mechanisms for safeguarding these norms. The authors cover central areas of controversy, including registration of religious and belief organizations, emerging debates on religion and gender, parental and children’s rights, new religious movements, proselytism, and conscientious objection. Other chapters describe practical approaches to promoting tolerance and understanding through education, inter-religious dialogue, joint religious efforts addressing shared social problems, and conflict resolution initiatives. The volume also provides practical information regarding networking and other background issues that can help translate understanding of the applicable norms and procedures into action. Appendices provide texts of major international instruments on freedom of religion or belief.