Eva Brady, ICLRS Student Fellow

BYU Law Student, Eva Brady, filled an externship with the Area Legal Offices for the LDS Church in Lima, Peru, during summer 2014. “I first heard about this opportunity several years ago as an undergraduate in a pre-law class,” Brady said. “An attorney mentioned his experience interning with the Area Legal Offices for the Church. I went up and talked to him after the class and I have been sold ever since.” Brady’s work has been primarily focused on divorce laws and laws affecting religious freedom in Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. “I really enjoy the subject matter of what I am working on and feel that the documents that I am preparing will be able to help many people,” she said. “I am working with topics that I am passionate about.” Arranging her externship through the Center for International Law and Religious Studies at BYU Law School, Brady has been able to able to apply much of what she has learned during her first year of law school.  

“Even though the substance of the law is different in each country, the background knowledge in American law has been very helpful,” Brady explained. “Most importantly though, I have been able to apply the thinking and reasoning skills that I began to develop my first year of law school to problem solve and to figure out the specifics of the more general assignments that I receive.”  

Still considering her future options, Brady’s goals are to serve her family, community, and church on an international scale. Her time in Peru has helped her learn the process of researching laws at an international level–exposure that will be valuable in her career.  “I feel like the increased open-mindedness towards other legal systems that I have received here will really help me if I decide to do work on an international level,” Brady said. “I especially feel that seeing the differences has helped open my eyes even more to how many different ways there are to achieve the same result.” Aside from her legal responsibilities, Brady is exploring and enjoying the food and friendships that she has encountered in Peru.  “One of my life dreams has been to go to Peru,” Brady shared. “When I was looking at the Area Legal Office locations when applying to law school and realized that there was one in Lima, I couldn´t have been more excited! Being here is a dream come true on many levels.”