Esquerra United group calls on the Government to ban the demonstration against the mosque

Esquerra United has called upon the government delegation against a planned islamophobic demonstration on Saturday, May 12 in Torrent Islamophobic, organized by the group Spain 2000. The leftist group has appealed to the delegation of government to ensure protection of the Muslim community in Torrent.

Esquerra United coordinator in Les Corts, Marga Sanz, has alerted the government delegation of the call for a demonstration that promotes Islamophobia on Saturday in Torrent. Sanz has asked the government delegate, Paula Sánchez de León, the prohibition of that demonstration which may be contrary to Article 16.1 of the Spanish Constitution which guarantees religious freedom and may be “threatening social cohesion and democratic coexistence.”

In addition, Ms Sanz noted that the call against the mosque in Torrent could be contrary to article 1.1 of the Religious Freedom Act (“The State guarantees the Fundamental Right to Freedom of Religion and Worship”). The leftist leader has appealed to the delegation of the Government to ensure the protection of the Muslim community in Torrent.