David & Mary Ann Pollei

David Pollei advises Hardwired, a non-profit organization that promotes freedom of conscience and religion. He also advises an online TV trade press publication. He has more than 30 years of experience in sourcing, evaluating, transacting, advising, and operating companies. David has served as Executive Director of Travel Study International, Chairman of the e-commerce company, Ominto, in Dubai, ABC’s Marketing Vice President, and President of Shopping by Satellite. He obtained degrees both in International Relations and French from Brigham Young University.

David and Mary Ann Blair Pollei were married  for 52 years.  They are the parents of five children and 13 grandchildren.  Mary Ann held a degree in Speech Pathology from Brigham Young University. She worked in the Intensive English Department at UC Davis, helping international students perfect their English skills. During this time, Mary Ann and David met tragedy as their youngest son, Michael, was left unable to care for himself following a near-drowning accident. Over a decade after Michael passed away at age 12, Mary Ann suffered a stroke, leaving her, like her son, unable to care for herself during the last decade of her life. Mary Ann died in August 2021.

In her words, read at her funeral by a grandson: “When you have a tragedy in your life and your life is stripped down to the bare essentials you see that most of that rushing and the things you thought were important don’t matter. What matters most is kindness. Life is simple: be kind. I have been the recipient of immense compassion since my stroke, not only from my family, but also from my ward members, my neighbors, and my friends. I cannot repay this kindness. This is a rare gift—a glimpse into heaven. I have been able to have a small understanding of the immensity of God’s infinite thoughtfulness and love for me.”