David & Kathryn Paxman

David Paxman and his wife, Kathryn, recently returned from serving in the Illinois Chicago Mission as Member Leadership Missionaries.  Since retiring from BYU, David worked for several Church departments as a long-term volunteer and Church Service Missionary, including Self-Reliance Services-Perpetual Education Fund and the Special Projects Department. He has kept his scholarly interests alive as an officer of several academic organizations. In 2005, he and Kathryn served a humanitarian mission for the LDS Church in Argentina. They also served a humanitarian mission in Argentina for the Church. He taught English literature and writing at BYU Hawaii and BYU Provo. David received a bachelor’s in English from BYU and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

Kathryn Paxman is the daughter of Bill and Margaret Pope, who were great supporters of ICLRS for many years. Kathryn taught school for a few years, having received her bachelor’s degree at BYU in Special Education. Kathryn had moved her family from California to Utah after her first husband had passed away to attend BYU. She loves children with special needs; her youngest child is a delightful Down syndrome girl. Kathryn loves being the mother of a large blended family of 10 children and 36 grandchildren.