Cole Durham Receives Honorary Doctorate from Ovidius University, Romania

On June 14, 2013, W. Cole Durham, Jr., in recognition of his contributions as a renowned specialist in constitutional law and religious rights, was awarded its highest honor, Doctor Honoris Causa, from the Faculty of Theology of Ovidius University in Constanta, Romania. Professor Durham is Director of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies (ICLRS, Brigham Young University) as well as current President of the International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (ICLARS, Milan). In making the award, the Faculty of Theology noted Professor Durham’s extensive contributions in recruiting teams for drafting texts of many constitutions in the post-Soviet-bloc world, and his influence in the United States, Europe, and in many other parts of the world to the protection of the legal rights to freedom of religion. Noted as well were his tireless advocacy as a member of the International Committee for the Defense of Religious Liberty and his contributions as a member of the Scientific Committee of Dionysian Review, published by the Faculty of Theology’s Center for Research and Juridical-Canonical Study and Research of the Three Monotheistic Religions.