Chris & Erlynn Lansing

J. Christopher Lansing and his wife, Erlynn, are currently serving as Church Hosting Directors. Christ has been the C.O.B. of Lansing Building Products from 2019-2020, and was the President and C.E.O. for the past twenty years. The company operates seventy-five branch warehouses in thirty states across the country. It sells specialty building products to the professional contractor. Chris is the President of the Richmond Chapter of Rotary, Council President of Boy Scouts of America, and Chairman of Collegiate School. He has served as bishop, stake president, Area Seventy, and mission president for the church. Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from BYU.

Erlynn E. Lansing served with her husband, Chris, in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission, where he was president. Erlynn was the president of Parents’ Association at the Madeira School in Virginia. She taught seminary and institute for twenty years. She also worked at the White House for four years. Erlynn is the mother of four and grandmother of 14.