Center Welcomes Marshall Morrise

The International Center for Law and Religion Studies is pleased to welcome the assistance of Marshall Morrise, who has been engaged by the Center to advise the technology team. On board since January 2010, Marshall brings expertise, experience, and dedication that are proving invaluable assets to the Center’s work. Marshall entered Brigham Young University as a freshman in 1974, and after serving an LDS mission to Pusan, Korea, he graduated from BYU with a B.S. in computer science and a minor in Asian languages. He began working at the BYU Law School as a student in January 1979. Upon graduation in 1980, he began working at the law school full time as a research associate under Professors Larry Farmer and Stan Neeleman. He received a masters degree in instructional science from BYU in August 1987, and shortly thereafter he formed Capsoft Development Corporation, licensing from BYU the CAPS technology he helped develop at the law school. He served as president and CEO of Capsoft for ten years, during which time he developed the CAPS technology and the HotDocs technology. He sold the business to Matthew Bender & Co. in September 1997. Matthew Bender was purchased by LexisNexis parent Reed Elsevier in August 1998, at which point Marshall began working for them. He held the position of Senior Director of Product Development within LexisNexis until December 2009, when the HotDocs business was sold. Marshall served as president of the Provo Utah West Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1999 to 2008 and is currently chairman of the Fort Utah District of Boy Scouts of America. He is married to Susan Lorraine Hall of Roy, Utah, and they are the parents of five sons and a daughter.