Center Lends Support to Conference on Freedom of Religion in Geneva

June 2008 – Geneva

During 21-23 June 2008, Professor Cole Durham, Professor Robert Smith, and Dr. David Kirkham from the ICLRS participated in the annual meeting of the organization Focus on FoRB. This conference included the participation of a number of distinguished scholars, including Asma Jahangir, the U.N. Special Rapporteur of Freedom of Religion or Belief. During the 3-day session, the conference discussed a number of important topics, including the status of Islam in Europe, identifying and responding to vulnerabilities, and current U.N. perspectives on the freedom of religious belief. The Center took on a more prominent role in this year’s meeting, including the arrangements for the conference and logistical support. Special thanks are due to George and Kathleen Jarvis, who represent the Center as fellows in Geneva, Switzerland, and Marie Kulbeth, a BYU law extern in Geneva, as well as Jim and Joan Stevens, who represent the Center in Brussels, Belgium.