Building an Interfaith Community – Summer Course 12-30 August 2013

The Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, Switzerland, announces its Summer Institute Course, Building an Interfaith Community, held 12-30 August 2013. This course is designed to enable participants to encounter each other in mutual respect, to learn together, and to challenge and overcome stereotypes. While fully respecting and affirming each particular faith identity, the overall question to be explored is: What can we, as people of faith, do to respond and to overcome, the pressing challenges of our time as violence and conflict and build together mutually accountable societies based on respect and cooperation?

The course is open to young people between 18-35 years, with a maximum of 30 people to be accepted on the course. Participants should be well grounded in their own faiths and be positioned to influence the thinking of members of their wider faith communities after completion of the summer course. The structure of the programme will include spiritual exposure and sharing reflection on sacred scrip-tures as well as lectures and workshops on thematic issues.

The cost of the course is CHF 3,300 including course tuition, board and lodging. A Scholarships are available to assist participants to attend the course. The Ecumenical Institute is sensitive to special food requirements and will offer spaces for prayer according to the needs of each of the participating faith communities.

The course is sponsored by the World Council of Churches, the Fondation de  L’Entre-Connaissance (Inter-Knowing Foundation), and 

Application forms and further information is available by emailing Kelly Brownlee at [email protected].

The Ecumenical Institute at Bossey is the international centre for encounter, dialogue and formation of the World Council of Churches. Founded in 1946, the Institute brings together people from diverse churches, cultures and backgrounds for ecumenical learning, academic study and personal exchange. 

Each year, the Ecumenical Institute welcomes students and researchers from around the world for periods of residential academic study, specializing in ecumenical theology, missiology and social ethics. Students benefit from access to the world-class library and facilities. The diverse teaching faculty is made up of staff from diverse theological, cultural and confessional backgrounds. The Institute and its diplomas are recognized by the University of Geneva.