Brock Mason

Brock Mason was largely raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Brock earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from BYU and a master of philosophy from Fordham University, where he is also currently working on his Ph.D. Brock attended NYU Law before returning to BYU as a Wheatley Graduate Fellow, later attending BYU Law. Brock taught as an adjunct professor at BYU from 2016-2019 and worked for the Center as a summer research fellow this past summer. Brock also worked as a judicial intern for Justice Thomas R. Lee on the Utah Supreme Court. Brock and his wife, Jessica, served as church service missionaries in New York running the Pathway program, where he also taught institute classes. Brock has been interested in religious freedom for as long as he can remember, but became interested in the topic academically during graduate school as he saw related topics popping up in political philosophy. He is writing his dissertation on whether religious beliefs should be allowed in public dialogue and whether the public square should be entirely secular or void of religious content. Brock and Jessica have two children and enjoy spending time with them, especially hiking, visiting friends and family, and reading good books.