Brett Scharffs and BYU Law Students in Venice for Conference and Moot Court Competition

Professor Brett Scharffs, Center Associate Director and Law School Associate Dean for Faculty and Curriculum, participated at the conference “The Legitimate Scope of Religious Establishment”, held March 7-9, 2016 in Venice, Italy.  The conference was sponsored by the Fondazione Studium Generale Marcianum (Fondazione Marcianum), and features prominent academics from throughout the world, assembled to discuss such questions as “What are the essential features of establishment regimes? Should any limits be set to the establishment of religion? Are there any means of support that should be ruled out? May a decent state grant preferential treatment to one religion over other religions (or some of them)? If so, on which basis could this be done?” Professor Scharffs presented on the topic “The (not so unique) American Establishment Clause” on Wednesday, March 9th. 

While in Venice, Professor Scharffs acted as a judge at the 2016 Law and Religion Moot Court Competition, also sponsored by Fondazione Marcianum. Four BYU Law students, Aline Longstaff, Eva Marie Brady, McKenna Mills, and Ryan Anderson, participated in the competition March 9-11. The students have all been actively involved with the Center as fellows and members of the Student Management Board.  We are pleased to announce that Eva Brady was named “best speaker” at the competition.