Branden Kartchner, ICLRS Student Fellow

As an undergraduate student, Branden Kartchner committed himself to working with the International Center for Law and Religion. “I wanted to learn on an international level how government policy affects an individual’s right to believe on an international level,” Kartchner said. This opportunity began to take shape during his undergraduate studies as he took the class, “Government and Religion,” taught by David Kirkham with the International Center for Law and Religion.

“At that time, I committed to work for the Center if I were ever admitted to BYU Law School,” Kartchner said. “During my first semester of law school, I heard the Center offered international externships, and I wasted no time in applying. I visited Mexico City as a teenager and loved it. It was at the top of my list.” Kartchner is passionate about religious freedom and believes it is one of our most important rights. Working with the Office of General Counsel for the LDS Church in Mexico City has given him valuable insights into the legal field and government involvement with religion. 

Because Mexico uses a civil law system, Kartchner was able to use principles learned in several first-year classes including contracts, property, and torts. His class on legal writing and research also proved valuable on a daily basis. “My ability to research an issue and provide sound analysis in memo form is something my supervisor has really appreciated,” Kartchner said. Living and working in Mexico has given Kartchner insights and experience for his further legal education and future career.