Articles of interest – December 29, 2014

Howard Freidman, Religion Clause

From SSRN:

Muhammad Munir, Rights of the Child: An Islamic Perspective on Preventing Violence, Abuse, and Exploitation of Children and Pakistani Law, (December 14, 2014).

Lorenz Blume, Bernd Hayo & Stefan Voigt, Correlates and Determinants of Direct Democracy, (December 23, 2014).

Kenneth L. Marcus, Higher Education, Antisemitism, and the Law, (December 22, 2014).

Moslay Uddin & MD Ayatullah, Muslim Law: Judicial and Legislative Changes Around the World, (December 17, 2014).

Peter Hostettler, The Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict and Peace Operations – Achievements and Challenges Ahead, (December 24, 2014).

Deborah A. Widiss & Andrew Koppelman, A Marriage by Any Other Name: Why Civil Unions Should Receive Federal Recognition, (Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality, Forthcoming).

Tristin Green, On Employment Discrimination and Police Misconduct: Title VII and the Mirage of the ‘Monell Analogue’, (Boston University Law Review, 2015, Forthcoming).