Annual Symposium 2012: “Religion, Democracy, and Civil Society”

BYU Law Review Volume 2013, No. 3

More than 75 participants, representing 37 countries, met at the 19th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium in October 2012 to discuss “Religion, Democracy, and Civil Society.” The following papers generated from the 2012 Symposium were published in the Law Review:

Religious Associational Rights and Sexual Conduct in South Africa: Towards the Furtherance of the Accommodation of a Diversity of Beliefs
Shaun de Freitas

The Unconstitutionality of Religious Vilification Laws in Australia: Why Religious Vilification Laws are Contrary to the Implied Freedom of Political Communication Affirmed in the Australian Constitution
Augusto Zimmerman

The Shinto Cases: Religion, Culture, or Both—The Japanese Supreme Court and Establishment of Religion Jurisprudence
Frank S. Ravitch

“. . . Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace . . .” —The Influence of Constitutional Argument on Same-Sex Marriage Legislation Debates in Australia
Neville Rochow

The Unnecessary and Restrictive Constitutional Amendments Concerning Religious Freedom in Mexico
Javier Saldaña Serrano

Liberal Democracy and the Right to Religious Freedom
Aldir Guedes Soriano

Freedom of Religion in China Under the Current Legal Framework and Foreign Religious Bodies
Ping Xiong