Annual Symposium 2009: “Connecting Communities of Discourse”

BYU Law Review Volume 2010, No. 3

The 16th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium brought together notable representatives of the judiciary, academia, and government and international institutions to discuss how their interconnections can further the kind of dialogue that promotes religious freedom worldwide. Among the Symposium’s excellent presentations, the following were published in the Law Review:  

  • “Feels like Déjà-vu: Religious Freedom under a Proposed Australian Bill of Rights,” by Paul Babie and Neville Rochow
  •  “Secularity and Freedom of Religion in Senegal: Between a Constitutional Rock and a Hard Reality,” by Fatou Kiné Camara and Abdourahmane Seck
  • “Islam and Religious Freedom: Role of Interfaith Dialogue in Promoting Global Peace,” by Dr. Tayseir M. Mandour
  • “In Search of New Believers: How the Guatemalan Religion Panorama Has Changed over the Last Decades, by “ Hugo Leonel Ruano 
  • “Religion and Law in Nepal,” Kanak Bikram Thapa