Annual Symposium 2008: “International Protection of Religious Freedom”

BYU Law Review Volume 2009, No. 3

The 2008 Symposium addressed issues arising from attempts to implement international protections of religious freedom at a national level. From among the many presentations treating these timely and critical issues, the following appear in this issue of the Law Review:

  • “Religion and Rule of Law in China Today” by Zhuo Xinping 
  • “The Protection of Religious Rights Under Australian Law” by Denise Meyerson
  •  Svato-Mykhaylivska Parafiya v. Ukraine: A Thing Done by Halves?” by Gennadiy Druzenko
  •  “The Implementation of Inter-American Norms on Freedom of Religion in the National Legislation of OAS Member States” by Evaldo Xavier Gomes 
  • “The Long Road to Religious Freedom in Peru” by Guillermo García-Montúfar Sarmiento and Daniel Alegre Porras
  •  “The Colombian Experience in the Area of Protection of the Freedom of Religion” by Sergio González Sandoval
  •  “The Protection of Religious Freedom by the National Constitution and by Human Rights Treaties in the Republic of Argentina” by Octavio Lo Prete
  •  “Laity and Laicism: Are These Catholic Categories of Any Use in Analyzing Chilean Church-State Relations?” by Jorge Precht Pizarro