Annual Symposium 2006: “The 1981 U.N. Declaration on Religious Tolerance and Nondiscrimination: Implementing its Principles after Twenty-Five Years”

BYU Law Review Volume 2007, No. 3

This volume, taken from papers presented at the Thirteenth Annual International Law And Religion Symposium, focuses on the 1981 U.N. Declaration on Religious Tolerance and Nondiscrimination and its implementation in various countries. The issue includes the conference’s keynote address by Robert A. Seiple, the first U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom, as well as papers on the legal sufficiency of the 1981 Declaration, the globalization of human rights and the socialization of human rights norms, as well as specific papers addressing issues of religion and the state in Japan, Peru, Spain, Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey.