Annual Symposium 1998: “International Perspectives on Religious Liberty During the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

BYU Law Review Volume 1999, No. 2

Reports from Symposium 1998 included in this volume include the following:


  • Antecedents, Perspectives, and Projections of a Legal Project About Religious Liberty in Peru, Guillermo Garcta-Montufar and Elvira Martinez Coco
  • Conflict in the Classroom: Educational Institutions as Sites of Religious Tolerance | Intolerance in Nigeria, Rosalind I.J. Hackett
  • Religious Liberty and Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism in the Colombian Constitution of 1991, Viviane A. Morales Hoyos
  • Religion in Kazakhstan: A General View, Roman Podoprigora
  • Legislating Religious Liberty: The Ghanaian Experience, E. K. Quashigah
  • Political Minorities and the Right to Tolerance: The Development of a Right to Conscientious Objection in Constitutional Law, Jose de Sousa e Brito
  • Constitutional Perspective of Church-State Relations in South Africa, Johan D. van der Vyver
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses v. Land Berlin: Requiring Religious Communities Seeking Public Corporation Status in Germany to Satisfy the “Meaning and Purpose of Corporation Status” Test, Scott Kent Brown II
  • An Analysis of the Impending Disestablishment of the Church of Sweden, E. Kenneth Stegeby
Conference Proceeding
  • Protecting the Weak: Religious Liberty in the Twenty-First Century, Gordon Smith