Appearing on this page (including in the left navigation links) are a number of website, publications, training, law reform, and other projects in which the Center is involved, in addition to the many international conferences organized and presentations made worldwide annually by Center personnel. Notably, the Center is involved in developing ongoing courses for promoting the study of law and religion in Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Europe. In 2013 the Center launched a series of regional conferences, beginning with Ghana in January, and followed by Latvia in April, Moscow in May, Oxford in June, China in July, Vietnam in September, and Morocco in November.  In 2014 the Religious Freedom Annual Review, focused on the United States, was launched. Also in 2014, the Center with a number of partners launched a series of Interfaith Summits, held in relationship to the annual G20 Summits. The Center is grateful for the ongoing financial and scholarly support that makes these and other important projects possible.