Symposium 2013: Live Webcasts

Live webcasts of the sessions of the 20th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium listed below — held Sunday October 6 through Tuesday October 8, 2013 — are available in the following languages: 


When the webcasts are available, you will be able to access them by clicking the name of the language you want to hear at the time the session is scheduled. Note that times for the sessions are Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6). All sessions of the conference will be recorded for later access.

Opening Session
Sun 7:00 pm MDT

Welcome: Dean James R. Rasband, Erlend Peterson
Moderator: W. Cole Durham, Jr.
Keynotes: Françoise Tulkens, Malcolm Evans
First Plenary
Mon 8:30 am MDT
“Religious and Philosophical Bases of Human Rights”
Welcome, Introductions: Dean Brett Scharffs, Dean James Rasband,
BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson

Moderator: Zachary Calo
Panel: David Little, Asher Maoz, Andrew Khoo, Tore Lindholm
Judicial Session
Mon 10:45 am MDT
“Judicial Conceptions of Religious Freedom as a Human Right”
Moderator: Judge Thomas Griffith
Panel:  Volodymyr Zagoldnyi, J. Clifford Wallace
Second Plenary
Mon 2:00 pm MDT
“Judicial Perspectives on Religion and Human Rights” 
Moderator: Judge J. Clifford Wallace
Samuel Kofi Date-Bah, Annel Musenga Silungwe, Eberhard Bertelsmann
Africa Session
Mon 4:00 pm MDT

Moderator: David Kirkham
Shiferaw Teklemariam, Yao Kouadio, René Ferguson

Third Plenary
Tue 8:30 am MDT

“Tensions and Synergies between Religious and Other Human Rights”
Moderator: Elizabeth Clark
Panel: Renáta Uitz, Mark Hill, Ian Linden, Anthony Gill
Judicial Session
Tue 10:00 am MDT
“How Do Courts Deal With Tensions between Religious & Other Human Rights?”
Moderator: Judge Jay Bybee
Panel:  Milton Ray Guevara, Rana R. Arna’out
Tue 11:15 am MDT
Moderator: Michael Jensen
Panel: Yakov Krotov, Zorica Angelovska-Kovasevikj
Tue 2:00 pm MDT
Moderator: Richard Page
Panel:  Amarjargal 
BAT-OCHIR, Bukhchuluun ENKBOLD, 
Myatavdorj MUNKHBAT
Closing Session
Tue 3:15 pm MDT
Conference Summation and Reflections on Conference Themes
Cole Durham and Invited Delegates