Symposium 2009: Delegate Biographical Information

Alphabetical by Country Name (in English)

Rasim Hasanaj, Chairman, State Committee on Cults of the Republic of Albania
Brikena Kasmi, Head, Legal Drafting Sector, General Department of Codification, Ministry of Justice

Andrea De Vita, Directora General del Registro Nacional de Cultos, Secretaría de Culto
Juan Laureano Fabian Landaburu, Su bsecretario de Culto, Cancilleria Argentina

Paul Babie, Doctor, University of Adelaide Law School, Research Unit for the Study of Society, Law and Religion (RUSSLR)
Neville Rochow, Barrister and Research Associate, Research Unit for the Study of Society, L aw and Religion (RUSSLR)

Marie-Claire Simone France Ghislaine Foblets, Professor, Catholic University Leuven

Luiz Alberto Barbosa, Reverend, National Council of Christian Churches of Brazil
Andre Franco Montoro Filho, Pre sident, ETCO-Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics

GNUON Thuon, Advisor to the Royal Government of Cambodia, Ministry of Cults and Religions
MIN Khin, Minister, Ministry of Cults and Religions
UN Dary, Director General for Religious Affairs, Ministry of Cults and Religions

John Young, Professor, University of Northern British Columbia

Ana María Celis Brunet, Professor of Law, Pontoficia Universidad Católica de Chile
Carmen Aida Dominguez Hidalgo, Directora Centro UC Familia/Profesora Derecho Civil, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Peng LIU, Director, Pu Shi Institute for Social Science  

Rafael Pardo Rueda, Presidential Candidate, Liberal Party

Daniel Kumermann, Consul General for the Czech Republic, Consulate of the Czech Republic to the United States

Nelson De Jesus Arroyo Perdomo, Diputado de la República por la Provicia San Pedro de Macoris, PRD, Cámara de Diputados de la Republica Dominicana
Carlos Peña, Congressman, National Congress of the Dominican Republic

Tayseir Mandour, Professor of Medicine, Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs

Alfonso Pineda Claude, Attorney at Law, Pineda Claude and Associates

Mathias Rohe, Professor/Doctor, University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Nii Josiah-Aryeh, Doctor, University of Ghana Faculty of Law
Kofi Quashigah, Dean of Law, University of Ghana

Oswaldo Enríquez Contreras, Assistant to the Attorney General
Socorro Quezada Fernández, Assistant to the Attorney General for Human Rights
Sergio Morales, Doctor…

Symposium 2009 – Delegate Contact Information

To view Photos of and see Contact Information for the 2009 Symposium Delegates, clicks the following links.  Note that delegate information appears in alphabetical order, according to country name in English.

Albania, Argentina, Australia

Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia

Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Ghana

Guatemala, Guyana, India

Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Jordan

Kazakhstan, Laos, Mexico

Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Paraguay

Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden

Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine

United States, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Zambia

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