Religion Provisions in World Constitutions

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Religion Provisions in World Constitutions is a spreadsheet created by Julie Slater (BYU Law 2012) and current through summer 2010,
which tracks provisions in the constitutions of the world according to the following scheme:

Religion and Politics

  • Religion and Politics/Government
  • Religion and Education
  • Religion and Family
  • Religion and Social Services

Church-State Interaction

  • Legal Recognition of Religion/Autonomy
  • Bilateral Relations
  • Religion is a Source of Law
  • State Symbols and Religion
  • Religious Holidays / Sabbath

Oath of Office, Religious Test

  • Invocation of God
  • Oath of Office References God or Religion
  • No Religious Test
  • Religious Test

Tolerance, Diversity, etc.

  • Provisions against Coercion – No oath, no tax, not compelled to profess ones’ belief
  • Religion and Culture / Diversity / Heritage / Tolerance
  • Crimes against Religion / Religious Hatred
  • Implementation of International Treaties / International Law Protecting Religious Freedom


  • Conscientious Objection
  • Right to Asylum
  • Computerized Records and Privacy of Religious Affiliation
  • Trade Unions Independent from Religion